International Law Society

The International Law Society (ILS) provides the student body with opportunities to develop interests and to hone professional skills in the realm of International Law. Through partnerships with faculty, administration, and other student organizations, ILS promotes the study of International Law through a variety of events each semester. Past events have included:

  • Coordination and Staging of regional conferences for the American Society of International Law 
  • Faculty Dinners and Discussion regarding International Law Study at the University of Maryland and future International Law Practice
  • International Law Career Panels with practicing attorneys from a variety of International Organizations and backgrounds
  • Organizing and sponsoring various panel discussions throughout the academic year that highlight emerging issues in international law

ILS also assists with the University of Maryland Law School Externship Program to provide law students with real-life experience working on a variety of international law issues in diverse environments.

International Law Society Constitution

For more information, please contact ILS at

2023-2024 Executive Board

*President Katja van der Wal
*Co-Vice President Leslie Currie
Co-Vice President Natalie Lake
*Treasurer Ryan Morris
Secretary Alissa Rumsey
Outreach Coordinator Dominique Mendez
Upperclassman Liaison Morgana Omaleki
Advisor Professor Peter Danchin

Useful Links

International Public Service Job Search Resources

Below are some helpful resources for searching for public service jobs, fellowships, internships, or volunteer work in the international arena.  "International law" is a broad term, so students are encouraged to narrow down their areas of interest before beginning a job search.  There are opportunities to work in government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and intergovernmental organizations.  Also, students can focus on human rights, economic development, trade, courts and tribunals, and numerous other interests.  

As part of the international job search, networking is particularly valuable.  Students should seek out mentors and helpful contacts in various organizations.  To find alumni in government agencies, try the search features in and  Contact the Career Development Office with any questions.  

General Public Service Guides 

Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)

International Human Rights

International Women’s Rights

Globalization and Development