Career Exploration & Professional Development

At Maryland Carey Law, we help you prepare for your future legal career from your first year and well through graduation and initial employment. We have a veteran team of professionals in the Career Development Office (CDO) whose efforts are dedicated solely to helping you explore career options and obtain legal experience leading to post-graduate employment.

Your legal education will give you the knowledge and flexibility to choose from many career paths after graduation, but it's important to start lining up post-graduate career prospects BEFORE you earn your degree. Many employers want to see applications by the third year of your JD education.

The CDO team can guide you on course selection and experiential learning options to help you achieve your career aspirations. You are assigned to a CDO counselor immediately following orientation to the Career Development Office for 1D/2E students. Thereafter, CDO counselors will work with you individually and in group environments to help you investigate your career interests, conduct your job search, and develop the skills to necessary to compete successfully in our recruiting programs and in the demanding legal job market. 


Post-Graduate Options


Public interest fellowships provide paid entry-level positions in public interest and non-profit organizations. Summer fellowships provide otherwise limited funding for summer public interest work. Public interest full-time fellowships are usually short-term (one-to-two years), although some public interest organizations have funds to keep the fellow on as a staff attorney after the completion of the fellowship term.

Judicial Clerkships

Judicial clerkships are usually one- to two-year positions in which law school graduates work closely with judges. These positions are available at all levels from county trial courts to the United States Supreme Court.

Job Search

Symplicity is our job postings database. Students and alumni have access to the postings in the Jobs section of Symplicity. You can also view postings and customize "search agents" to automate the job search process and specify your criteria. Students receive access to job postings after December of their first year. Alumni who are not registered in the Symplicity system may contact the CDO for a log-in and password. If you are having trouble logging in, have password problems, or need a password, please contact us at or 410-706-2080.

Access to alumni newsletters from other law schools is available upon request by contacting the CDO at

UMB Notice of Non-Discrimination

The University of Maryland, Baltimore does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, marital status, protected veteran's status, or age in its programs and activities. Specifically, Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in UMB's programs and activities. UMB will take steps to eliminate prohibited conduct, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects.

Position Listings Advertised by CDO

Employers that post position listings in the CDO Job Bank are required to affirm that they will observe UMB’s non-discrimination policy. Additionally, the CDO seeks and obtains position listings from alumni, employer contacts, Internet job boards and third-party recruiters as a service to students and graduates.  While all position listings are verified prior to publishing to job-seekers, some listings from external sources do not include organizational employment non-discrimination policies. In these cases, the CDO encourages job-seekers to use contact information within the listings to review the organizational employment policies. Further, by posting position listings obtained from third parties and other external sources, the CDO does not represent that the organizations featured in the listings comply with UMB’s non-discrimination policy.

Reciprocity privileges are available only to 3D/4E students and alumni, graduating LLMs, and LLM alumni. These privileges enable you to gain access to job postings at law schools outside the Baltimore-Washington D.C. region. To request reciprocity, contact Ms. LaShea Blake at

Law Schools requesting reciprocity privileges for their students or alumni must contact Ms. LaShea Blake, Senior Data & Resources Specialist, at

Please review the reciprocity policy below: 

  1. Reciprocity privileges will be considered only for ABA-accredited law schools outside the state of Maryland on a one-to-one basis per student.  Therefore, when reciprocity is granted, we will allow one non-Maryland third-year student or alumni and graduating LLM or LLM alumni temporary access to job listings for every third-year student or alumni and graduating LLM or LLM alumni of our school who uses the Career Services office of the requesting law school.  When there is a request for reciprocity with more than one school in any given state, we will request reciprocity with one school at a time, when the term of reciprocity expires with that individual school.

  2. Requests for reciprocity services must be made by a Career Services official of the requesting law school.  Requests may be sent via e-mail. Please provide the individual’s name, email, and class year to request temporary access to our job bank listings.  Additionally, please provide your student/graduate with copies of our written response. The individual must wait for a copy of our written response before contacting this office. If reciprocity is granted, the individual will receive an email with a temporary Symplicity password to our job listings that will be available 2 months from the date that our office responds to the request.

  3. Reciprocity privileges to use our office will be granted for 2 months and may be renewed twice during an academic year.

  4. Reciprocity is granted from the date that our office responds to the letter of introduction sent by the requesting law school. Reciprocity is not available during the period of July 31 through November 1. During this period, use of the Career Development Office is reserved for students and graduates of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

  5. Reciprocity includes temporary access to the Career Development Office’s Symplicity job listings. If reciprocity has been granted by this law school, the individual may not request reciprocity from or use the services of the University of Baltimore School of Law Career Services Office during the period of reciprocity.

  6. When responding to job postings accessed from our job bank, individuals are required to state in cover letters to employers that the job listings were obtained through a reciprocal agreement with the individual's law school and the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

  7. The following services are not available as reciprocity privileges: participation in on-campus interview or off-campus regional interview programs, resume collections or referrals, access to blind job postings, or access to counselors or counseling advice.
  8. The Career Development Office may deny privileges to any individual who misuses its facilities or services, or to any law school surpassing a reasonable number of reciprocity requests within any academic year.

Updated: 2-8-2022

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