Experiential Learning

Learning with purpose

To ensure you have the practical skills necessary to apply legal concepts in a real-world setting, we offer a wide range of experiential learning opportunities for JD students. From honing your legal research and writing skills to representing clients in court, these hands-on experiences will take your learning to the next level.  


Externships provide a valuable opportunity to work closely with attorneys in a real-world setting and observe the legal process firsthand, while also building your professional network.

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Clinics are where you will begin to put legal theory into practice. You will develop and hone practical skills while working with real clients on real cases.

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International Opportunities

Studying the law in another country enables you to expand your understanding of how different legal systems are structured. From shorter weeklong experiences to full semesters abroad, there are many ways to incorporate international coursework into your law school experience.

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Other Opportunities