Publications & Scholarship


Recent Faculty Publications


Larry Gibson Thurgood Marshall's Orchestra: Mobilizing Civil Rights Activists in the South, 1935-1955 (forthcoming 2024)
Leigh Goodmark Editor, The Criminalization of Violence Against Women: Comparative Perspectives (with Heather Douglas, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, and Sandra Walklate, 2023).[Abstract]
Imperfect Victims: Criminalized Survivors and the Promise of Abolition Feminism (2023).[Abstract]
Mark Graber Punish Treason, Reward Loyalty: The Forgotten Goals of Constitutional Reform After the Civil War (2023).[Abstract]
David Gray American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary (12th ed. 2022) (with Daniel J. Capra & Stephen A. Salzburg).[Abstract]
Paula Monopoli Contemporary Trusts and Estates (4th ed. 2022) (with Susan N. Gary, Jerome Borison, and Naomi R. Cahn).[Abstract]
Robert Percival Environmental Law: 2023-24 Statutory and Case Supplement (2023).
Sharon Reece Guide to Executive Compensation: Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Issues (2022) (with others).[Abstract]
Matiangai Sirleaf Editor, Race and National Security (Oxford University Press 2023).[Abstract]
Max Stearns Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy (2024).[Abstract]
Rena Steinzor American Apocalypse: The Six Far-Right Groups Waging War on Democracy (forthcoming 2024).[Abstract]
Kevin Tu Learning Commercial Law: Core Concepts (2022) (with others).[Abstract]
Michael P. Van Alstine Principles of International Business Transactions (5th ed. 2022) (with Ralph H. Folsom & Michael Ramsey).[Abstract]

Book Chapters

Jennifer Elisa Chapman Slave Cases and Ingrained Racism in Legal Information Infrastructures, in Antiracist Library and Information Science: Racial Justice and Community (K. Black & B. Nehra eds., 2023).[Full Text]
Citation Ethics: Towards an Ethical Framework of Legal Citation, in The Role of Citation in the Law: A Yale Law School Symposium (Michael Chiorazzi ed., 2022).[Full Text]
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg Negotiating Lessons from the Women of Star Wars, in Star Wars and Conflict Resolution: There Are Alternatives to Fighting (Noam Ebner & Jen Reynolds eds., 2022).
Martha Ertman Adoption: A Mosaic of Market and Non-Market Elements, in Routledge Handbook of Commodification 321 (Elodie Bertrand & Vida Panitch eds., 2024).[Full Text]
Leigh Goodmark United States v. Maddesyn George: The Consequences of Criminalization for Native Women in the United States, in The Criminalization of Violence Against Women: Comparative Perspectives (Heather Douglas, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Leigh Goodmark & Sandra Walklate, 2023).
Mark Graber Constitutional Identity, Constitutional Politics, and Constitutional Revolutions, in Deciphering the Genome of Constitutionalism: The Foundations and Future of Constitutional Identity 216 (Ran Hirschl & Yaniv Roznai eds., 2024).
United States v. Vaello Madero on Puerto Rico and Precedent in Times of Constitutional Change, in SCOTUS 2022: Major Decisions and Developments of the US Supreme Court 163-71 (Morgan Marietta ed., 2022).
The Unwritten Constitutions of the United States, in Amending America's Unwritten Constitution 25 (Richard Albert, Ryan C. Williams & Yaniv Roznai eds., 2022).
David Gray Mass Surveillance in the Age of COVID-19, in Pandemic Surveillance: Privacy, Security, and Data Ethics 6 (Margaret Hu ed., 2022) (with Natalie Ram).
William Moon Global Corporate Charter Competition, in A Research Agenda in Corporate Law (Christopher Bruner & Marc Moore eds., 2024).
Natalie Ram Mass Surveillance in the Age of COVID-19, in Pandemic Surveillance: Privacy, Security, and Data Ethics 6 (Margaret Hu ed., 2022) (with David Gray).
Matiangai Sirleaf White Health and International Law, in Race, Racism and International Law (Devon Carbado, Kimberle Crenshaw, Justin Desautels-Stein & Chantal Thomas eds., forthcoming 2024).[Full Text]
Global Health Landscape: The Proliferating Actors Influencing Global Health Governance, in Global Health Law & Policy: Ensuring Justice for a Healthier World 65 (Lawrence O. Gostin & Benjamin Mason Meier eds., Oxford University Press 2023) (with Benjamin Mason Meier).[Full Text]
COVID-19 and Cooperation in Times of Disaster, in The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Law and Policy 221 (Susan S. Kuo, John Travis Marshall & Ryan Rowberry eds., 2022).[Full Text]
Jeff Sovern The FAA Should Not Cover Consumer Claims, in The Federal Arbitration Act: Successes, Failures, and a Roadmap for Reform (Richard A. Bales & Jill I. Gross eds., forthcoming 2024).[Full Text]


Chaz Arnett No Child Left Confined: Challenging the Digital Convict Lease, 27 Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 39 (2024).[Full Text]
Dystopian Dreams, Utopian Nightmares: A.I. & the Permanence of Racism, Georgetown Law Journal (forthcoming 2024).
Crowdsourcing Surveillance, UCLA Law Review Discourse (forthcoming 2024).
Black Lives Monitored, 69 UCLA Law Review 1384 (2023).[Full Text]
Data, the New Cotton, Just Tech: Social Science Research Council (May 25, 2022).[Full Text]
Taunya Lovell Banks Commemorating the Forgotten Intersection of the Fifteenth and Nineteenth Amendments, 94 St. John's Law Review 899 (2022).
Andrew Blair-Stanek OpenAI Cribbed Our Tax Example, But Can GPT-4 Really Do Tax?, 180 Tax Notes Federal, Aug. 14, 2023, at 1101 (with Nils Holzenberger & Benjamin Van Durme).[Full Text]
Can GPT-3 Perform Statutory Reasoning?, Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Law (2023) (with Nils Holzenberger & Benjamin Van Durme),[Full Text]
Shelter Check: Proactively Finding Tax Minimization Strategies via AI, 177 Tax Notes Federal, Dec. 12, 2022, at 1515 (with Nils Holzenberger & Benjamin Van Durme).[Full Text]
Improved Induction of Narrative Chains via Cross-Document Relations, Proceedings of the 11th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics 208 (2022) (with Benjamin Van Durme)[Full Text]
Richard Boldt Conditional Release and Consent to Treatment, 48 Law & Psychology Review 100 (2024).
When Originalism Failed: Lessons from Tort Law, 51 Florida State University Law Review 1 (2024).[Full Text]
Uneasy Alignments: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Mental Health and Legal Systems Entanglements, 27 Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 1 (2024) (with Corey Shdaimah).[Full Text]
Reasoned Judgment, 82 Maryland Law Review Online 104 (2023).[Full Text]
Mental Health Care and Intimate Partner Violence: Unasked Questions, 25 Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 225 (2022) (with Delaney E. Anderson).[Full Text]
Patricia Campbell Debugging the Trademark Laws: The Lanham Act and Counterfeit Microelectronics, 31 Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal 211 (2023).
Jennifer Elisa Chapman Teaching Critical Use of Legal Research Technology, 28 Legal Writing 123 (2024).[Full Text]
Douglas Colbert A Butterfly in COVID: Structural Racism and Baltimore's Pretrial Legal System, 82 Maryland Law Review 1 (2022) (with Colin Starger).[Full Text]
Karen Czapanskiy Lead and Landlords, 10 Belmont Law Review 284 (2023).[Full Text]
The Constitution, Rape, and Coerced Intercourse: No Protection Required, 35 Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers 83 (2022).[Full Text]
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg What Matters to Employment Attorneys When Considering Online or In-Person Mediation?, 41 Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation 151 (2023) (with Donna Shestowsky & Robert Niccolini).[Full Text]
ChatGPT Goes to School: Now What?, Maryland Bar Journal (July 27, 2023).[Full Text]
Martha Ertman The New Private Law Thirty Years After, 100 Denver Law Review 533 (2023).
Contract as a Tool of Systemic Racism & (Maybe) Reparations, Jotwell, June 28, 2023 (reviewing Marissa Jackson Sow, Whiteness as Contract, 78 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1803 (2022)).[Full Text]
Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach, 85 Law & Contemporary Problems, no. 2, 2022, at 231.[Full Text]
Donald Gifford When Originalism Failed: Lessons from Tort Law, 51 Florida State University Law Review 1 (2024) (with Richard C. Boldt & Christopher J. Robinette).[Full Text]
Sara Gold A Holistic Approach to Eviction Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future, 68 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 183 (2022) (with Toby Treem Guerin and Kerri McGowan Lowrey).[Full Text]
Daniel Goldberg Reimagining a U.S. Corporate Tax Increase as a Supplemental Subtraction VAT, 26 Florida Tax Review 369 (2023).[Full Text]
Leigh Goodmark Book Review, Recovering Identity: Criminalized Women's Fight for Dignity and Freedom, by Cesraéa Rumpf, Gender & Society (2024),
Discretion and Credibility, Dignity and Mercy: The Case of PT, a Criminalized Survivor, 38 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society 53 (2023) (with Lila Meadows).
Why Centering the Family Court System Won't Decrease Criminalization of Intimate Partner Violence--And Why That's a Problem, 30 Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law 56 (2023).
Criminalized Survivors and the Promise of Abolition Feminism, 17 Law Journal for Social Justice 54 (2023).
Intimate Partner Violence Training and Readiness to Respond Among Students, Staff, and Faculty in Three Institutions in the United States, Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2022) (with others). DOI: 10.1177/08862605221099948
Assessing the Impact of the Violence Against Women Act, 5 Annual Review of Criminology 115 (2022).
Mark Graber Constitutions as Constraints, 83 Maryland Law Review 1059 (2024).[Full Text]
Foreword: The Lincoln-Douglas(s) Debates and the Problem of Constitutional Evil, 83 Maryland Law Review 190 (2023).[Full Text]
Justice Robert Jackson's Catechisms, 82 Maryland Law Review Online 115 (2023).[Full Text]
Book Review, 110 Journal of American History 155 (2023) (reviewing Brett Gary, Dirty Works: Obscenity on Trial in America's First Sexual Revolution (2021)).
Partisan Supremacy in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, 12 American Political Thought 222 (2023).
Generational and Constitutional Change, 53 DPCE Online, no. 3, 1549 (2022).[Full Text]
Justice Accused at 45: Reflections on Robert Cover's Masterwork, 37 Touro Law Review 1851 (2022) (with Sanford Levinson).[Full Text]
David Gray The Fourth Amendment State Agency Requirement: Some Doubts, 109 Iowa Law Review 1487 (2024).
"You Know You've Gotta Help Me Out...", 126 Pennsylvania State Law Review 337 (2022).
Toby Treem Guerin A Holistic Approach to Eviction Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future, 68 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 183 (2022) (with Sara Gold & Kerry McGowan Lowrey).[Full Text]
Leslie Meltzer Henry Ethical Research When Abortion Access Is Legally Restricted, 380 Science 1224 (2023) (with others).
Challenges in Obtaining the Informed Perspectives of Stakeholders Regarding HIV Molecular Epidemiology, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (Feb. 21, 2023), 10.1097/QAI.0000000000003179 (with others).
Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for the Inclusion of Pregnant People in Clinical Trials, 227 American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 805 (2022) (with others).[Full Text]
Diane Hoffmann The DTC Microbiome Testing Industry Needs More Regulation, 383 Science 1176 (2024) (with others).
Clinical Algorithms, Antidiscrimination Laws, and Medical Device Regulation, JAMA, Jan. 5, 2023, doi:10.1001/jama.2022.23870 (with Katherine E. Goodman & Daniel J. Morgan).
Allocating Scarce Medical Resources During a Public Health Emergency: Can We Consider Sex?, 22 Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy 175 (2023) (with Katherine E. Goodman).[Full Text]
The Future of Stool Banks: A Premature Death?, 76 Food & Drug Law Journal 522 (2022) (with Felicia D. Langel, Francis B. Palumbo & Erik C. von Rosenvinge).[Full Text]
The Woman Who Cried Pain: Do Sex-Based Disparities Still Exist in the Experience and Treatment of Pain?, 50 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 519 (2022) (with Roger Fillingim & Christin Veasley).[Full Text]
The Need for Balance in Evaluating Opioid-Prescribing Policies, 112 American Journal of Public Health S28 (2022).
Zanada Joyner Deconstructing the Mentor/Mentee Relationship, AALL Spectrum, January/February 2024, at 16 (with Sarah Rodgers-Miller).[Full Text]
Equity and Inclusion in Remote Instruction, 26 AALL Spectrum, Jan./Feb. 2022, at 44 (with Raquel J. Gabriel).[Full Text]
Seema Kakade Defining Environmental Justice Communities, ABA Trends, Mar. 2023, at 9.
Environmental Evidence, 94 University of Colorado Law Review 757 (2023).[Full Text]
Environmental Enforceability, 30 N.Y.U. Environmental Law Journal 65 (2022).[Full Text]
Guha Krishnamurthi Justice on Yachts: A Value-over-Replacement Theory, 97 Southern California Law Review Postscript 26 (2024) (with Peter Salib).[Full Text]
A Wolf in Sheep's Attire: How Consent Enfeebles Our Fourth Amendment, 85 Ohio State Law Journal 33 (2024) (with Stephen E. Henderson).[Full Text]
Against the Recidivist Premium, 98 Tulane Law Review 411 (2024).[Full Text]
Interpreting Textualist Slogans, 109 Iowa Law Review Online 15 (2023).
The Constitutionality of Prohibiting Caste Discrimination, University of Chicago Law Review Online (July 13, 2023),[Full Text]
Qualified Immunity as Gun Control 99 Notre Dame Law Review Reflection 93 (2023) (with Peter Salib).[Full Text]
Are S.B. 8's Fines Criminal?, 101 Texas Law Review Online 141 (2023).[Full Text]
Equity and COVID-19 Treatment Allocation: A Questionable Criterion, Bioethics (2023), DOI: 10.1111/bioe.13132 (with Eric Vogelstein).
The Goose and the Gander: How Conservative Antidiscrimination Rulings Will Save Affirmative Action on Campus, 102 Texas Law Review 123 (2023) (with Peter N. Salib).[Full Text]
Not the Standard You're Looking for: But-for Causation in Anti-Discrimination Law, 108 Virginia Law Review Online 1 (2022).
Small Arms Races, University of Chicago Law Review Online (June 3, 2022).
Term Limits and Embracing a Political Supreme Court, 107 Minnesota Law Review Headnotes 26 (2022).
The Oath Doesn't Require Originalist Judges, 15 Harvard Law & Policy Review 571 (2022) (with Erik Encarnacion).[Full Text]
The Case for the Abolition of Criminal Confessions, 75 SMU Law Review 15 (2022).[Full Text]
The Constitutional Right to Bench Trial, 100 North Carolina Law Review 1621 (2022).[Full Text]
Optional Legislation, 107 Minnesota Law Review 297 (2022) (with Jacob Bronsther).[Full Text]
Jury Nullification in Abortion Prosecutions: An Equilibrium Theory, 72 Duke Law Journal Online 41 (2022) (with Peter N. Salib).[Full Text]
Sarah Lorr Disabling Families, Stanford Law Review (forthcoming 2024).[Full Text]
Unaccommodated: How the ADA Fails Parents, 110 California Law Review 1315 (2022).[Full Text]
Lived Experience and Disability Justice in the Family Regulation System, 12 Columbia Journal of Race and the Law 1 (2022).[Full Text]
Kerri McGowan Lowrey A Holistic Approach to Eviction Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future, 68 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 183 (2022) (with Sara Gold & Tobey Treem Guerin).[Full Text]
Christopher Mathis Higher Education Redress Statutes: A Preliminary Analysis of States' Reparations in Higher Education, 94 University of Colorado Law Review 387 (2023).
Higher Education Redress Statutes: A Critical Analysis of States' Reparation in Higher Education, 79 Washington & Lee Law Review 1829 (2023).
An Access and Equity Ranking of Public Law Schools, 74 Rutgers University Law Review 677 (2022).
Michael Millemann Challenging Overincarceration: The Roles of Law School Clinics Working in Partnership--A Symposium, 23 University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class 135 (2023).[Full Text]
Paula Monopoli Pushing Boundaries, Balkinization, May 3, 2023.[Full Text]
Situating Dobbs, 14 ConLawNOW 45 (2023).[Full Text]
Gender, Voting Rights, and the Nineteenth Amendment, 20 Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy 91 (2022).[Full Text]
Feminist Legal History and Legal Pedagogy, 108 Virginia Law Review Online 91 (2022).[Full Text]
William Moon Anonymous Companies, 71 Duke Law Journal 1425 (2022).[Full Text]
Jon Mueller 40 Years of Chesapeake Bay Restoration: Where We Failed and How to Change Course, 54 Environmental Law Reporter 10470 (2024).
Robert Percival Can Environmental Law Solve the "Forever Chemical" Problem?, 57 Wake Forest Law Review 101 (2022) (with Mark Nevitt).[Full Text]
The Shadow Docket, 39 The Environmental Forum 27 (2022).
Amanda C. Pustilnik Mind the Gap: Lessons Learned from Neurorights, Science & Diplomacy (Feb. 28, 2022) (with Karen S. Rommelfanger and Arleen Salles).
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Reflecting on Race, Racism, and Transitional Justice, International Journal of Transitional Justice (2024) (with Tendayi Achiume).[Full Text]
Rendering Whiteness Visible, 117 American Journal of International Law 484 (2023).[Full Text]
Decolonization of Global Health Law: Lessons from International Environmental Law, 51 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 450 (2023) (with Alexandra Phelan).[Full Text]
White Health as Global Health, 117 AJIL Unbound 88 (2023).[Full Text]
Do You Have to Say that You Are Black?, Third World Approaches to International Law Review: Reflections, no. 43 (June 15, 2022).[Full Text]
We Charge Vaccine Apartheid?, 50 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 726 (2022).[Full Text]
Jeff Sovern Not-so-Smartphone Disclosures, 76 Arkansas Law Review 437 (2023) (with Nahal Heydari).[Full Text]
Max Stearns Precedent, Reliance, and Morality at the End of Roe v. Wade, 82 Maryland Law Review Online 108 (2023).[Full Text]
Michael P. Van Alstine Arresting Misguided Trends in Treaty Law, 110 Kentucky Law Journal 421 (2022).
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Tiffany Yang Public Profiteering of Prison Labor, 101 North Carolina Law Review 313 (2023).[Full Text]
The Prison Pleading Trap, 64 Boston College Law Review 1145 (2023).[Full Text]