Recruiting Our Students

With a solid foundation in legal principles and writing skills, a commitment to experiential learning through clinics, fellowships, trial teams, and public service, as well as access to renowned degree programs in specialty areas, Maryland Carey Law students and graduates make exceptional candidates. 

Year-Round Recruiting Opportunities

Join the ranks of employers that have experienced great success hiring talented candidates for part-time employment, summer and postgraduate jobs through fall and spring interview programs and an array of other recruiting options offered by the Career Development Office (CDO).

  • On-Campus Interviews (OCI) & Regional Interview Programs
  • Washington, DC Interview Program
  • National Law School Consortium (NLSC)
  • National Public Law School Alliance Interview Program (NPLSA)
  • Equal Justice Works Career Fair
  • Baltimore-Washington, DC Public Service Recruitment Fair
  • Practice Specific and Diversity Job Fairs
  • Résumé Collections
  • Job Postings

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

The Career Development Office (CDO) hosts fall and spring OCI programs on designated dates each semester that feature virtual or in-person interviews organized by its recruiting team.  Employers may choose to participate in fall OCI, the CDO’s largest and most comprehensive student interview program, or enjoy, front and center access to recruit 1Ls and other targeted student groups through spring OCI.  Both programs offer employers 100% prescreening and enable private practice and public service employers alike to recruit for summer and postgraduate positions.  Contact the CDO’s recruiting team to participate in OCI at careerdv@law.umaryland.edu.

Résumé Collections

As an alternative to fall and spring OCI, employers may request a Résumé Collection where applications are collected on their behalf, then forwarded as a group so that employers may arrange interviews in their own offices after reviewing applications. Contact the CDO’s recruiting team to participate in a Résumé Collection at careerdv@law.umaryland.edu.

Job Bank Posting

If your office has a current opening or cannot participate in one of the recruiting programs listed above and you want to receive student applications directly, we invite you to post your position in the CDO’s Symplicity Job Bank.

  • Symplicity Users: To make your job posting available to our students and graduates, please submit it through Symplicity.
  • Other Users: Please post your job or internship opportunity here.

Employment Statistics

View current and past ABA and NALP employment reports.

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Employment Policies

Maryland Carey Law’s Career Development Office (CDO) follows the recruiting principles set forth by NALP, which establishes and guides best practices for the fair and ethical recruiting of law students by legal employers. 

The School of Law does not permit full-time law students to be employed more than 20 hours per week during the academic year and discourages facilitating employment of first-year, full-time (Day Division) students during their first academic year. The Career Development Office reserves the right not to post position listings that are inconsistent with its policies.

To facilitate hiring practices that comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Career Development Office encourages prospective employers that are recruiting students for unpaid positions to consult U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines

To determine whether UM Carey Law students may receive credit for externships, please see the School of Law’s Policy Statement on Externships. For additional information about externships, contact Crystal Edwards, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Lecturer in Law, cedwards@law.umaryland.edu.

Employers that post position listings in the CDO Job Bank are required to affirm that they will observe UMB’s non-discrimination policy. Additionally, the CDO seeks and obtains position listings from alumni, employer contacts, Internet job boards and third-party recruiters as a service to students and graduates.  While all position listings are verified prior to publishing to job-seekers, some listings from external sources do not include organizational employment non-discrimination policies. In these cases, the CDO encourages job-seekers to use contact information within the listings to review the organizational employment policies. Further, by posting position listings obtained from third parties and other external sources, the CDO does not represent that the organizations featured in the listings comply with UMB’s non-discrimination policy.

Grading Information

A+ 4.17 - 4.33
A 3.84 - 4.16
A- 3.50 - 3.83
B+ 3.17 - 3.49
B 2.84 - 3.16
B- 2.50 - 2.83
C+ 2.17 - 2.49
C 1.84 - 2.16
C- 1.50 - 1.83
D+ 1.17 - 1.49
D 0.84 - 1.16
D- 0.50 - 0.83
F Below 0.50



Top 1/2

Top 1/3

Top 1/4

 Top 1/10

Class of 2026 Day*





Class of 2025 Day*





Class of 2027 Evening*





Class of 2026 Evening*





Class of 2025 Evening*










Class of 2024 Graduates**





Class of 2023 Graduates**





Class of 2022 Graduates**





*Class ranks for students who have not yet graduated are considered unofficial.  GPAs for currently enrolled students are calculated to the hundredths column (two decimal places).

**Calculation of class rank for graduating classes combines all Day Division and Evening Division students graduating in July, December and May.  GPAs for graduating students are calculated to the 4th decimal column (four decimal places) to avoid ties in class rank among graduating students when necessary (otherwise two decimal places).  This was implemented beginning with the Class of 2014 graduates.

Why legal employers hire our students and graduates

Practice-Based Learning
Maryland Carey Law students and graduates are well prepared to enter the workforce because key to our educational efforts is providing abundant opportunities to participate in practice-based learning. All full-time J.D. students are required to provide access to justice for real-world clients through our Clinical Law Program, experiencing advocacy, litigation, public policy development, and many practical aspects of the law. Additionally, due to our metropolitan location, students and graduates often obtain highly sought experience working with all levels of government, research and nonprofit organizations, as well as a wide variety of private sector corporations. When hiring a Maryland Carey Law student or graduate, rest assured you are hiring an individual who understands the responsibility and dedication associated with the legal profession.

Public Service
Maryland Carey Law believes in bettering our communities by improving the quality of justice and access to the legal system. Developing future generations of lawyers that believe the same, means potential candidates bring those values to your law firm, organization, or business. Our students and graduates often get involved in public service through student organizations, clinics, our specialty programs, grant funded research opportunities, and community outreach in our surrounding West Baltimore neighborhoods.

Degrees & Programs
Maryland Carey Law’s degrees – J.D., dual J.D. programs, LL.M., and Master’s programs for non-lawyers – are each rigorous educational options that prepare students and graduates to be knowledgeable candidates in their chosen areas of the law. Our academic specialty programs and centers, many of which are nationally ranked, allow students to further focus their aptitude, working alongside the country’s foremost experts in topics such as health law, environmental law, dispute resolution, cybersecurity, patent law, business law, and more.

Writing Curriculum
Writing and analysis are critical components of any legal career. Through Maryland Carey Law’s substantial writing curriculum, as well as five student-run journals and opportunities to compete in writing competitions, students and graduates have a solid foundation in research and writing techniques. Many have also completed publishable legal pieces.

Advocacy Opportunities
Advocacy skills are important for more than trial lawyers. Whether you are looking for new hires in private practice, the judiciary, government, or business sector, Maryland Carey Law students and graduates offer confident presentation of ideas, effective writing, and strategic negotiation. These abilities are learned through our intensive curriculum in tactical advocacy skills combined with local, regional, and even national outlets to practice those skills on competitive trial teams, where they also learn practical skills such as working with a team and financial management. And through a tradition of support from the legal community, many of our graduates also continue to hone their advocacy skills by serving as mentors to Maryland Carey Law advocacy teams.

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