Guha Krishnamurthi

Associate Professor of Law

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Against the Recidivist Premium, Tulane Law Review (forthcoming 2023).

The Goose and the Gander: How Conservative Antidiscrimination Rulings Will Save Affirmative Action on Campus, Texas Law Review (forthcoming 2023) (with Peter N. Salib).

Equity and COVID-19 Treatment Allocation: A Questionable Criterion, Bioethics (2023), DOI: 10.1111/bioe.13132 (with Eric Vogelstein).

The Constitutional Right to Bench Trial, 100 North Carolina Law Review 1621 (2022). Read Full Text

The Case for Abolition of Criminal Confessions, 75 SMU Law Review 15 (2022). Read Full Text

Optional Legislation, 107 Minnesota Law Review 297 (2022) (with Jacob Bronsther). Read Full Text

Jury Nullification in Abortion Prosecutions: An Equilibrium Theory, 72 Duke Law Journal Online 41 (2022) (with Peter N. Salib). Read Full Text

The Oath Doesn't Require Originalist Judges, 15 Harvard Law & Policy Review 571 (2022) (with Erik Encarnacion). Read Full Text

Bostock Was Bogus: Textualism, Pluralism, and Title VII, 97 Notre Dame Law Review 67 (2021) (with Mitchell N. Berman). Read Full Text

False Positivism: The Failure of the Newest Originalism, 46 BYU Law Review 401 (2021). Read Full Text

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