Family Law

Course Description

This course will explore legal issues relating to the formation, maintenance, and dissolution of family relationships. These issues include state and federal regulation of marriage and of nonmarital cohabitation, legal and economic consequences of marriage and divorce, custody and support of children, domestic violence, and the processes for resolving family disputes. Special attention will be paid to the relationship between the family and the work place and to current constitutional issues affecting family members.

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CRN: 99063

  • Fall '23
  • 3
  • 460
  • Thurs: 6:30-9:35


  • Hope Tipton

  • 15 openings. (Limit 50).
  • 580f

  • Fader’s Maryland Family Law 7th edition

    Available for free via student Lexis+ accounts (search for Maryland Family Law)

CRN: 27873

  • Spring '24
  • 3
  • 302
  • Tues: 12:00-2:00
    Thurs: 12:00-12:55


  • Leigh Goodmark

  • Enrollment Limit: 50