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  • Seema Kakade

    Seema Kakade

    Professor of Law and
    Director, Environmental Law Clinic

  • H. Deen Kaplan

    H. Deen Kaplan

    Adjunct Professor

    Hogan Lovells, US LLP

  • Julie Kaplan

    Julie Kaplan

    Adjunct Professor

  • Jason Keller

    Jason Keller

    Director of Alumni Engagement

  • Robert Keller

    Robert Keller

    Professor Emeritus of Law

  • Hunter Kendrick

    Hunter Kendrick

    Adjunct Professor

    Counsel for State and Local Affairs, U.S. Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division

  • Andrew King

    Andrew King

    Professor Emeritus of Law

  • Daniel Kobrin

    Daniel Kobrin

    Adjunct Professor

    Assistant Attorney General, Counsel to the State Board of Elections

  • Robert Koulish

    Robert Koulish

    Lecturer of Law

  • Guha Krishnamurthi

    Guha Krishnamurthi

    Associate Professor of Law

  • Jon Kucskar

    Jon Kucskar

    Adjunct Professor

    Special Assistant to the President and Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Risk Management, University of Maryland, Baltimore