Asper Judicial Externship Program

The Asper Judicial Externship Program offers opportunities for law students to obtain credit for supervised law-related work with state and federal judges. They are named in memory of the late Professor Lewis D. Asper and are intended to expose students to the practical workings of the legal system and to help students develop insights into the process of judicial decision-making. Through this exposure, students should have the opportunity to enhance their practical and legal writing skills. The program is open to students who have completed their first year of law school.

A student may undertake only one Asper Judicial Externship during law school. Asper Fellows typically earn three credits during one semester on a credit/no credit basis, although the possibility for additional credit exists. Asper Fellows are required to devote 150 hours during the semester to their Asper placement; additional credit would require additional hours. As is the case for all externships, students participating in the Asper Program are required to enroll in the related Asper Judicial Externship Workshop for 1 credit.