• Larry Gibson

    Larry Gibson

    Morton & Sophia Macht Professor of Law

  • Donald Gifford

    Donald Gifford

    Distinguished University Professor and Jacob A. France Professor of Torts

  • Daniel Goldberg

    Daniel Goldberg

    Professor of Law

  • Leigh Goodmark

    Leigh Goodmark

    Marjorie Cook Professor of Law and
    Director, Clinical Law Program

  • Mark Graber

    Mark Graber

    University System of Maryland Regents Professor

  • David Gray

    David Gray

    Jacob A. France Professor of Law

  • Michael Greenberger

    Michael Greenberger

    Law School Professor and
    Director, Center for Health and Homeland Security

  • Leslie Meltzer Henry

    Leslie Meltzer Henry

    Professor of Law

  • Diane Hoffmann

    Diane Hoffmann

    Director, Law and Health Care Program and
    Jacob A. France Professor of Health Care Law

  • Kathleen Hoke

    Kathleen Hoke

    Law School Professor,
    Director, Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy, and
    Director, Network for Public Health Law-Eastern Region