Plan Your Event

Faculty and Staff Events

If you are interested in planning an event, please email us at with your desired event date, time, and location so we can check the master calendar to ensure your event does not conflict with others. This is necessary even for virtual events. If you would like the dean to speak at your event, please contact Trish Rider at before you choose your event dates to ensure the dean is available for your event. If you would like the dean to give remarks, let Trish know. 

Once your event is approved, we will follow up with a form to collect additional information about your event to assist you. Please do not invite special guests or begin promoting your event until you have approval from our office. 

You may reserve a room using the Room & Resource Scheduler, but if you plan to offer food, you must contact us prior to making a room reservation request. Please allow the event staff 48 hours to process and evaluate your request. Your room reservation will not be approved if you have not reached out to us first and is not held until a confirmation email is sent. 

Visit our Promote Your Event page to learn more about promoting your event to different audiences. The form you will be asked to fill out when your event is approved will enable you to choose many of these options and will notify support staff automatically of your request.

Student Events

If you are interested in planning an event or holding a meeting, you must first submit your event details to the Office of Student Affairs via the Student Organization Events Request Form. If you require an Eventbrite page to collect RSVPs from participants, the Office of Student Affairs will assist you with that.

Once the Office of Student Affairs has approved your meeting or event, you may reserve a room using the Room & Resource Scheduler. If you plan to offer food, you must first contact OSA at for approval prior to making a room reservation request.

Please read through the student event planning policies to be sure you understand the rules and expectations you will need to adhere to.

Know Your Event Budget

Once the date and location are confirmed we can begin coordinating your event details. Event staff are available to provide a full complement of services, but we will need to know your budget so we can plan accordingly. Be sure to arrange an appointment by calling 410-706-2072 so we can discuss the logistics of your event.

Hosting an Online Event

If you have a email address then you have access to a Zoom account. Through your personal Zoom account you can host meetings for up to 300 people and use Zoom functions including chat, hand raising, and polling. In a regular Zoom meeting, all participants are visible.

If you would like to host a webinar, the events team has access to a webinar-enabled Zoom account. In a webinar, you can accommodate up to 1,000 participants and only the host and presenters are visible. You can enable chat and Q&A functionality and limit what is visible to participants. You can also broadcast your event on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. You cannot do breakout rooms in a webinar. Helpful hints regarding Zoom Webinars. To use the webinar account for your event, contact the events team at

Hosting an Event in Westminster Hall

The law school events team also handles reservations and coordination of events in Westminster Hall. For more information on planning an event in that venue, please visit or contact the events team at 410-706-2072.