200th Anniversary Toolkit

Welcome to the 200th Anniversary Toolkit, if you would like an entire category of items, you can use the buttons to download a zip file containing those assets.

Or, if you would like individual items, please right click and select "save image as" on the images below.

Email Signatures

200th email sig black

200th email sig purple

200th email sig gold

200th email sig gradient

200th email sig red

200th email sig purple background


  1. Download the image you want to add to your signature. If the image is in a .zip file, open the .zip file then click Extract all.
  2. Open Outlook. Click File > Options (left side menu) > Mail > Signatures OR open a new compose email window and click Signature under the Include menu.
  3. You can either create a new signature or add the image to your Default signature.
  4. In the Edit signature box, place your cursor where you want to insert your image.
  5. Click the insert picture icon on the right side of the tool bar and select the image you want to add and then Insert.
  6. The image will now appear in your signature. Click ok to save.

Email Headers

email header 1

email header 3

email header 5

email header 2

email header 4


Zoom/Teams Backgrounds

Gradient Flag Background

School Gradient Background 2

Atrium Background

Moot Court Background

video conf background 4

Lady Justice Background

School Gradient Background

Krongard Backgound

video conf background 3video conf background 2

Banner and Art Assets

200 Years Banner

Duotone School Cutout

Gradient Line

200 Years Dates Gold

lady justice duotone cutout

200 Years Hero Image

200 Years Dates Red

Duotone Column cutout

200 Years Hero Image 2


200 years badge 200 years badge 3 200 years badge 2

Slide Template (ppt)

Slides hero