Photo & Video

We originate photography and video production for high-impact spaces on the website, social media, and flagship publications. Tasks include:

  1. Conceptualizing imagery that aligns with messaging and goals.

  2. Planning and strategizing photo and video content to align with a campaign or other multi-faceted project.

  3. Produce high-quality photos and videos for social media, marketing campaigns, and publications.

  4. Editing photo and video content to ensure that it is polished and professional. This includes adding special effects, music, and sound.

  5. Managing the storage and distribution of photo and video media across various channels, including social media, email, the website, and more.

To submit a project request please contact us at Please be as thorough as possible when describing the scope of work regarding your project. Remember to submit requests as early as possible as large projects require time and planning as well as a number of conversations depending on the complexity of the job.