Intellectual Property Law Externship Workshop

Course Description

The Intellectual Property Law Workshop provides students with an opportunity to share their real-world Intellectual Property Practicum experiences and to explore the ethical, legal, and practical challenges raised by intellectual property practice in a variety of settings. Class readings and discussion will focus on issues that arise in various practice settings, the rapidly evolving nature of intellectual property law, and how that affects a practitioner’s work. Intellectual Property attorneys will participate in the Workshop and share their perspectives on the pressures and dilemmas they face in carrying out their practices. Course requirements include satisfactory performance in your Practicum placement, class attendance, active and thoughtful class participation, and a final presentation and substantive paper based on your Practicum placement. Students do not have to take the IP Practicum concurrent with the Workshop, but will not receive a grade in either until requirements for both the Practicum and the Workshop have been completed. The IP Workshop will be graded on the A - F scale.

Students registering for the summer IP Practicum/Workshop will arrange work hours individually with the instructor. In addition to the expected work hours, there will be a scheduled class for both IP Clinic and IP Practicum/Workshop students, with the specific time to be agreed upon by the instructor and students.

Current and Previous Instructors

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