Writing in Law Practice Judicial Law Clerk Bootcamp

Course Description

This accelerated course will familiarize students with the role of a law clerk in the trial and appellate courts and provide them with the necessary skills to successfully work as a law clerk for a judge. Students will gain significant insight and learn the specific skills required by law clerks. The course will provide practice in many of the types of duties completed by law clerks and provide guidance on obtaining a clerkship. Topics to be covered include: obtaining a clerkship, overview of the judicial system, role of law clerks in trial and appellate courts, reviewing pleadings and drafting orders, drafting opinions, skills for decisions to survive an appeal, and insight into the function of chambers and courts. Students will be evaluated on class participation, completion of short writing assignments, and the drafting of a court opinion.

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CRN: 29320

  • Spring '25
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  • 309
  • Jan. 6-9


  • Nancy Faulkner

  • Enrollment Limit: 12