The student mailboxes are numbered to keep up with enrollment changes in the most efficient manner.  At the beginning of each school year, currently enrolled students are assigned a mailbox for school mail, event flyers and intra-campus mail.   

Student mailboxes are located on the First Floor.  You may obtain a mailbox number by checking the “Mailbox Guide” bulletin board in the mailbox area next to the water fountains.  On this board, you will find a list displaying the mailboxes in numerical order with the corresponding name and another list displaying the enrolled students in alphabetical order with the corresponding mailbox number.  The list in alphabetical order is also posted down the sides of the bulletin board for your convenience.  The “key” to the numbering system can be found on this board as well and shows how the mailboxes are grouped. 

At no time will the student’s name replace the number on the mailbox and please do not change it yourself!  Also, please do not deface school property ~ this includes taping anything to the mailboxes and altering the numbers in any way.

For any mailbox concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs,

osa @
, (410)706-5235, or stop by Suite 280.