1. All locker requests must be made using the online locker request form .  DO NOT SELF SELECT LOCKERS.
  2. Lockers are only assigned to enrolled students that will be in the law school on a full time basis for classes for the current semester.  The locker you are assigned will be yours for the entire time you are an enrolled student here at the law school.
  3. Lockers are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Students must provide their own lock for their assigned locker.
  5. Locks on unassigned lockers and locks placed on an assigned locker by an “intruder” will be cut off.
  6. Never store any valuables (laptops, wallets, credit cards, etc.) in your locker. The Law School is not responsible for your locker contents or for stolen items.
  7. Lockers are all together, in numerical order, on the first floor.
  8. Do not deface University of Maryland property ~ No stickers or like items are permitted on lockers.
  9. The area above the lockers is not to be used as storage space.  Nothing is permitted on top of the lockers due to the lack of safety (although we do understand the occasional wet umbrella).  The School of Law is not responsible for any item placed in this space.   
  10. Graduates must remove their belongings and lock from their assigned locker after graduation so the locker can be reassigned.
    • May & Summer grads must remove belongings and lock by August 1.
    • December grads must remove belongings and lock by January 1.

For any locker concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs,

osa@law.umaryland.edu, (410) 706-5235, or stop by Suite 280.