Each student is assigned an e-mail account during orientation before first year. Accounts are assigned through the campus Center for Information Technology Services (CITS). E-mail is mandatory and items posted on e-mail constitute official notice for all students.  When obtaining their campus email account, students are required to sign an agreement in which they acknowledge and consent to abide by the applicable acceptable use policies.  School wide postings to student email accounts are not permitted unless the posting relates to a school sponsored event.  Postings of books, apartments, tickets or other for sale items and any lost or found items are expressly prohibited.  The School of Law’s Acceptable Use Policy can be found at:

E-mail can be accessed via computers on campus or off-site via the Internet. For more information on student e-mail accounts, stop by the Assistance and Service Center (ASC) Help Desk in the HS/HS Library #LL06. They can be reached at 410-706-HELP or check out their website at