Entrance Policy

All faculty, staff & students are required to present a School of Law ID to the Security Officer when entering the building.

In general, all visitors who state they have legitimate business at the School of Law or Law Library will be allowed to enter upon presentation of an acceptable form of photo identification.  Individuals who clearly lack sufficient reason for being in the building will be denied entrance.  The School of Law has provided the Security Officers with School of Law VISITOR IDs.  Library visitors will be issued VISITOR IDs that are a different color than the standard VISITOR IDs.  Specifically, our policy for visitors is:

All visitors, unless noted below, will be required to show the Security Officer a valid driver’s license, a Maryland Identification Card issued by the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles, some other government issued photo identification card, or a UMB Campus ID to gain entrance to the building. 

All visitors will be required to sign the visitor’s log except those with a valid UMB Campus ID or School of Law Adjunct Faculty ID. 
Each semester the Dean’s Office will supply the Campus Police Department Supervisor with a list of adjunct faculty and will issue to adjunct faculty SCHOOL OF LAW ADJUNCT FACULTY IDS.  Adjunct Faculty will be required to show this ID to the Security Office and wear the IDs while in the building.  If they do not have their Adjunct Faculty ID, they should follow the procedures above for regular visitors.

On those occasions when a large public meeting is held at the school’s facilities, the Security Officer may be given a list of meeting attendees and a supply of stick-on School of Law special event ID’s which include the name, location and date of the meeting.  These visitors will not be required to sign the visitor’s log.  They will, however, be required to show proper identification to the Security Officer and to wear the special event ID while in the building.

Everyone in our community is encouraged to alert the Security Officer or any staff member in a position of responsibility if they notice a visitor who is not wearing a Campus or School of Law ID.  The Security Officer may call for support from the Campus Police if he/she feels it is needed.