Sierra Jones

Assistant Director, Student Affairs





Photo of Sierra Jones

Sierra Jones is the assistant director of student affairs in the Office of Student Services, overseeing the day-to-day administrative support for all co-curriculars, journals, and student organizations. She supervises, coordinates, advises, and promotes student organizations; serves as the primary advisor and project manager for all student events; manages the administration of student travel and expense reimbursement processes related to co-curriculars and student organizations; and helps to plan, develop, and implement student leadership activities. In addition, she assists with the review and evaluation of relevant Maryland Carey Law policies for co-curriculars, journals, and student organizations.

Prior to joining Maryland Carey Law, she served as an academic and career advisor for Howard University where she supported undergraduate schools and colleges by co-developing advising experiences that met the needs of undergraduate students. She focused on helping students understand degree requirements, follow academic policies and procedures, and develop and execute an appropriate plan for fulfilling degree requirements.

Prior to joining Howard University, she was an AVID elective teacher at Francis C. Hammond Middle School and played a pivotal role in shaping the academic journey of her students, ensuring they were equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Prior to joining Francis C. Hammond, she was a resident director for the University of Texas at Arlington and Grand Canyon University where she was involved in the implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of comprehensive efforts within university housing. She oversaw resident assistants, programming events, the grand opening of a residential hall, and student conduct and crisis management. She was also involved with educational planning, health and safety, information technology, diversity, equity & inclusion, and marketing.