Deborah Weimer

Law School Professor Emeritus




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  • BA, 1975, State University of New York at Old Westbury
  • JD, 1978, New York University
  • LLM, 1987, Temple University
Professor Weimer joined the faculty on a full-time basis in 1988, after many years in public interest law practice.

She received a grant from the New York University Public Interest Law Foundation to do law reform litigation and legislative work on behalf of disabled textile workers in South Carolina and Georgia. She was chair of the Employment Law Task Force while a staff attorney with Palmetto Legal Services, and recently continued her employment and labor law practice with a small civil rights firm in Takoma Park, Maryland. Professor Weimer has taught at Brooklyn Law School, where she created the bankruptcy component of the Federal Litigation Clinic, and at Temple University School of Law. She has published in the areas of employment law and AIDS and the law.

Book Chapters

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