Robert Suggs

Professor Emeritus of Law

Photo of Robert Suggs


  • BA, 1968, University of Michigan
  • JD, 1973, Harvard University

Professor Suggs joined the faculty in 1991, after practicing law in New York City as Associate General Counsel of a Fortune 500 firm and working as a senior policy analyst for a Washington, D.C., think tank. Professor Suggs previously taught law at Arizona State University and as a visiting professor at Georgetown.

He is the author of Minorities and Privatization: Economic Mobility at Risk (1989) and articles on corporate anti-takeover statutes, economic development, and the effects of racial status on market transactions. Professor Suggs has served as chair of the mayor's Minority Business Enterprise/Women's Business Enterprise Advisory Committee.

He currently teaches Copyright, a Copyright Seminar, Business Associations, and Not for Profit Corporations.


Minorities and Privatization: Economic Mobility at Risk (1989).

Book Chapters

A Dialogue in Search of Meaning, in Painting: New York – Africa (Noah Jemisin ed., 1993).


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