William Reynolds

Jacob A. France Professor Emeritus of Judicial Process

Photo of William Reynolds


  • BA, 1967, Dartmouth College
  • JD, 1970, Harvard University

William Reynolds, the Jacob A. France Professor of Judicial Process Emeritus, is a widely-published authority on conflict of laws and appellate courts.  He has written five books and many law review articles, including papers in the Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, and Texas Law Reviews.  Professor Reynolds writes in a wide range of areas, including appellate courts, conflict of laws, legal process, and legal history.

Professor Reynolds was educated at Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School and then clerked for Judge Frank Kaufman (D. Md.).  He joined the Maryland faculty in 1971, and he has also visited at the Brooklyn, Southern Methodist, and West Virginia Law Schools.  Professor Reynolds became Emeritus in 2014. He was voted Teacher of the Year in 2011 by the Student Bar Association.  He has taught many courses; among them are Antitrust, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Legal Process. He is a member of the American Law Institute and the American and Maryland Bar Foundations.  Professor Reynolds has chaired the Conflicts Section of the American Association of Law Schools.  For many years, he has been Of Counsel to several law firms, primarily practicing appellate litigation.

Professor Reynolds has long been active in child support enforcement.  He has spoken at many state, regional, and national child support conferences on topics as diverse as legal ethics for child support attorneys and paternity disestablishment.  In 2004, Professor Reynolds was honored by the National Child Support Enforcement Association with its Public Service Award.  He was also long active in the Maryland Judicial Institute as both a Board Member and as a speaker.


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