Expanding Horizons: JHU Carey Business School Collaboration Enriches JD Candidates with MBA Insights

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In an exciting, innovative collaboration, the Business Law Program’s recent collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School has provided our JD candidates with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the perspectives of business-minded professionals.  

The collaboration, designed to integrate legal education with business acumen, saw Professor Van Alstine’s Foundation in Business Law class participating in a class session at the Carey Business School led by Maryland Carey alumnae Stacey Lee ‘95. This cross-disciplinary approach is not only a testament to our innovative curriculum but also an acknowledgment of the increasingly interconnected nature of the legal and business worlds. 

During the program, the law students learned of the opportunities of obtaining an MBA degree and participated in an exercise to gain insight from a business perspective. This interaction broadened their perspectives, enhanced their strategic thinking, and aided to develope a keen understanding of business operations and management. Understanding client’s goals are essential to an effective legal practice. 

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the mutual learning experience it fosters. While our JD candidates gained insights into business strategies and organizational dynamics, MBA students benefit from the legal expertise our law students brought to the table. This exchange of knowledge is invaluable, as it prepares students from both disciplines to collaborate effectively in their future professional endeavors. 

The practical implications of this collaboration are significant. Our students now have a better grasp of the business contexts within which legal issues arise. Whether it's understanding the financial implications of legal decisions or navigating corporate motivations, our students are now better equipped to offer well-rounded advice and solutions to meet their their future clients’ needs. 

As we celebrate the success of this collaboration, we are also looking forward to expanding our partnership with Carey Business School. This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering interdisciplinary learning and equipping our students with a holistic understanding of the complex landscape they will navigate in their careers. We extend our gratitude to the JHU Carey Business School for their partnership and look forward to many more successful ventures together.