Intellectual Property Law Program Honors IP Clinic for 20 Years of Service

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For twenty years the Intellectual Property Clinic steadfastly upheld its mission "to educate law students and the community about the legal aspects of intellectual property and to provide critical legal services to emerging businesses.” Hundreds of clients have benefitted from the thousands of hours our faculty, students, and staff have put in to making the Intellectual Property Clinic, and its newest incarnation the Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic.  The Clinic is a symbiotic educational environment providing the students with an opportunity to put their learned theories and concepts to practice while serving the community by providing free legal services to individuals who might not otherwise have access to legal representation.

To celebrate this milestone the Intellectual Property Law program will be hosting a celebration of the Clinic and everyone who has had a hand in making the Clinic what it is today. With students, alumni, former clients, and former faculty coming together, the anniversary celebration will help to preserve the history of the program and its impact on the school and its community.  It will be an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and successes of the program and to recognize the hard work and dedication of those involved in its creation and implementation.

The anniversary celebration event is scheduled for Friday, March 3 from 5-7pm and will feature comments from former clients, students, and a special message by Professor Campbell. It will be a great chance to connect with fellow stakeholders from throughout the Clinic’s history.  The Clinic is thankful for the support of the Clinic and looks forward to future success and encouragement for continued development and growth.

For more information about the event contact Heather Terech at