An Update from the Maryland Intellectual Property Student Association (“MIPSA”)

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Dedicated to encouraging and developing student’s interest in  Intellectual Property Lawat Maryland Carey Law, MIPSA’s 2022-23 executive board has been busy and productive this academic year.  Led by President Mercedes Subhani, Vice President Leo Gomez Ballesteros, and Treasurers Veronica Dohr and Taylor Nettleford, MIPSA is committed to providing valuable opportunities and experiences for its members.

In October, MIPSA hosted USPTO attorneys Jennifer Harchick and Michael Nullet, who provided valuable insights into the latest career options at the USPTO. The experienced attorneys provided advice for students interested in pursuing careers with the federal agency. MIPSA also co-hosted another event with the Entertainment and Sports Law student association, inviting Diane Davidson, a copyright attorney and Maryland Carey Law alumna, to share her experiences and expertise on the topic of copyright law.

In November, MIPSA held its General Body Meeting with guest speaker and Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinical Instructor, Julie Hopkins. Professor Hopkins provided information on her new evening course, "Foundations of IP Practice," offered in response to a demand for more IP courses for evening students.  The course provides students a solid grounding in the four key areas of intellectual property law, patents, trademarks and unfair competition, copyright, and trade secrets. MIPSA members also had the opportunity to have professional headshots taken, a useful and often overlooked part of their future employment searches.

In February, MIPSA held their first spring general body meeting and held a Q & A session for IP internships. This session provided members the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable information regarding internship opportunities.

Further this Spring, MIPSA plans to have two mixers with local IP firms to foster impactful relationships between Carey Law students and local attorneys.  On February 21st, MIPSA’s 1L rep Jonathan Shaham will be leading a fun lunch and learn where everyone will bring a funny and/or interesting patent they find and share with the group. We will be talking about patents that have changed the world, patents that you wouldn’t expect to exist, and patents that will make you laugh! There will be a patent there for everyone to enjoy (and lunch!). On April 3rd MIPSA will be hosting elections for the new 2023-2024 executive board and then formally introducing the new executive board to MIPSA members.

It's never too late to join MIPSA! Our mission is to help students navigate and find internships, networking and learning opportunities in the Intellectual Property field all while finding and connecting with like-minded students at UMD Law through mentorship and regular meetings.  “Having the opportunity to be a MIPSA mentee has solidified my interest in intellectual property, and it has allowed me to gain guidance on navigating the law school process” 1L Rep Samiah Bansal.  “I’m so grateful for the support of my MIPSA mentor – he's been there to help from exam prep through job interviews” - 1L Rep Alex Hoogland. “The USPTO attorneys visit was very insightful. I learned that attorneys can work at the USPTO in roles that are not limited to the examination of trademarks or patents. Jennifer and Michael are attorneys at the Office of Enrollment and Discipline and work in a wide variety of administrative law matters for the USPTO.” - Vice President Leo Gomez. Alumni, IP Legal Professionals, and Maryland Carey Law students are encouraged to reach out through email at , on Instagram @ Marylandmipsa or on GroupMe at to be involved with MIPSA.