Amit Roitman '20

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Who I was then: 
I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park in 2017 with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and enrolled at Maryland Carey Law the following year. 

Amazing law school class:
All the bar courses I took really prepared me for the bar exam. Now that I am currently studying for the bar, I realize how well my professors explained the complicated material, making my bar preparation far less stressful.  

Outside class: 
Outside the classroom, I sought to become involved in clubs and organizations in order to gain practical experience and to get to know my colleagues. After my first year, I joined the Alternative Dispute Resolution team at Maryland Carey Law, where I had the opportunity to learn valuable negotiation and mediation skills. As a member of the ADR team, I traveled to Orlando, Florida with my teammates to compete in a dispute resolution competition. I also joined the Journal of International Law, where I became the Managing Editor after my second year of law school. Finally, I worked as a Teaching Fellow during my second and third years of law school, where I worked with incoming and current students on their legal writing skills. All these experiences helped me develop educational and interpersonal skills that will aid me throughout my professional career. 

Favorite outing/activity to unwind:
Running/walking around the harbor in Baltimore. It's very beautiful and peaceful!

Noteworthy summer job:
Summer associate at Blank Rome in Washington, D.C.

What’s next:
Incoming litigation associate at Blank Rome

Who am I now: 
As a recent law school graduate, I am excited to see what I can contribute to the incredible legal profession as a licensed attorney. I am looking forward to becoming involved in legal organizations in Maryland and Washington, D.C., where I plan to practice and be a part of this honorable profession. 

What you should know about Maryland Carey Law:
Everyone at the school really wants to help! Never be afraid to reach out and ask your classmates, professors, or faculty for help. 

How did Maryland Carey Law prepare you for your career?
Maryland provides students with so many opportunities to get involved through extracurriculars, clubs, clinics, and  teams. These opportunities allowed me to not only gain knowledge in the classroom but also real life practical experience outside of the class.

How did Maryland’s community and diversity of voices help you succeed?
The members of Maryland's diverse community provided me with unique perspectives and opened my eyes to what the legal profession entails. This helped me understand what kind of lawyer I strive to be and what I need to do to reach these goals. 

Describe the accessibility of faculty and the ability to build relationships.
 The faculty at the school go above and beyond to help incoming and current students prepare for law school, achieve while in law school, and to find gainful employment. Professors are extremely accessible and encourage students to come to office hours for help with classwork or just to chat to get to know their students. Since many of the classes are relatively small, students have many opportunities to get to know their professors well and to establish relationships that last well beyond law school. 

How did Maryland Carey Law assist you in the job search and prepare you for a career?
Maryland Carey Law assisted me in my job search by providing me with personalized and genuine recommendation letters, assisting me with cover letters, resumes, and writing samples, arranging On Campus Interviews for students, and guiding me through the entire job application process. The counselors at the Career Development Office went above and beyond to ensure that I was well prepared for interviews and the faculty was extremely supportive throughout the job search process.