What does it mean to be a waitlisted applicant?

The Admissions Committee has thoroughly reviewed your application materials but is unable to offer you admission at this time. However, various strengths in your application have led the Committee to potentially revisit your application at a later date, should enrollment considerations allow.

Do I need to confirm my spot on the waitlist?
Yes, if you would like to remain on our waitlist, you should email the Office of Admissions as soon as possible confirming your interest in remaining on the waitlist. You do have the option of declining your spot on the waitlist, in which case your application will be presumptively denied.

When will I receive a final decision?
Typically, waitlisted candidates are reviewed beginning in May and then are periodically evaluated through the summer as enrollment considerations allow. Since our admission policies depend upon the actions of our admitted students, waitlisted candidates have been informed of decisions as late as orientation in August, so it is impossible to know when an individual waitlisted applicant’s file will be acted upon. That said, our two deposit deadlines in mid-April and early-June often provide us with data on how many students plan to join us and can impact the waitlist. All waitlisted applicants have the option, and are encouraged, to withdraw from the waitlist if they have made final plans to enroll elsewhere prior to a final decision from Maryland Carey Law.

What is the last possible date for a decision?
Historically, we have admitted students from the waitlist through the first week of classes in mid-late August. We know that this may make it difficult for students to attend. However, ultimately it is each student’s decision as to whether they remain interested. You should withdraw from consideration whenever the cost of the uncertainty and stress would make it impossible for you to attend.

Do people ever drop out later in the summer?
Yes. There may be students who have made deposits who decide not to attend late in the summer. This may result in spaces becoming available.

How many candidates are on the waitlist?
The number varies depending on the strength of the applicant pool, incoming class, and more. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a specific number due to the change each cycle. However, the waitlist typically shrinks as the summer progresses because candidates make commitments to other schools. We encourage you to continue to notify us of your interest.  

What are my chances of admission if I am on the waitlist?
Since waitlisted candidates are reevaluated as enrollment considerations allow and each enrollment cycle varies greatly, it is impossible to give a definitive statistic.

What can I do to strengthen my waitlisted application?
As the Admissions Committee reevaluates waitlisted candidates, they may first look at those who have submitted an email accepting a spot on the waitlist, which shows the Committee continued interest. Waitlisted candidates are also able to supply a letter of continued interest, updated LSAT scores, updated GPA, or an additional letter of recommendation (as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount of four). We also recommend letting us know that Maryland Carey Law is your first choice, should that be the case.

I want to submit additional documentation in support of my application. Where should I send it?
Waitlisted candidates should submit additional documentation by uploading the documents to their application status portal.

Are waitlisted candidates eligible for merit-based scholarships?
Yes, all candidates are reviewed for merit-based scholarships. However, scholarship funding is typically very limited and may not be available during the waitlist review period, as it falls very late in the admissions cycle.  

Should I still submit the FAFSA if I am waitlisted?
Yes. Although the financial aid office cannot provide loan information unless you are admitted, it will allow any financial aid packages to be generated more quickly if a FAFSA is already on file.

May I request an interview if I am on the waitlist?
No. You will be contacted by the Office of Admissions for an interview should the Admissions Committee need more information.

How are waitlisted files reviewed? 
Similar to the regular admissions process, the admissions committee reviews waitlisted applications holistically. Every piece of each application is reviewed. This includes objective indicators of academic success such undergraduate GPA and standardized test scores, as well as an assessment of an applicant’s resume, experience, letters of recommendation, essays, graduate work and more.

Is your waitlist ranked?
No, our waitlist is not ranked.

If I receive an offer of admission, how long will I have to decide?
Typically, we require waitlisted applicants make decisions in a relatively quick timeframe. If enrollment considerations allow and we can offer you a seat, we will call you and send you an e-mail. You will then be asked to make a commitment within several days. The exact length of time that you have to accept an offer of admission from the waitlist will vary depending on when you are admitted. It is very important that notify us of any change in e-mail and phone number. If we are unable to contact you and do not hear back from you quickly, we may need to move on to another applicant.

If I am offered admission from the waitlist, may I defer my enrollment?
No, waitlisted candidates cannot defer.