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This course is designed to expose students to key conceptual frameworks for thinking about negotiation and how to choose and successfully practice various forms of negotiation. Negotiation advocacy is one of the most frequent and important activities of the lawyer, and during the past generation, legal educators have begun to recognize that study of negotiation processes themselves can assist lawyers in becoming more effective in either a dispute resolution or a transactional setting. The course also may consider counseling the client regarding negotiation and processes intended to facilitate negotiation, such as mediation. Teaching methods may include not only lecture and discussion, but also review of videotaped demonstrations, role-playing exercises, use of different negotiation strategies and tactics, and critiques of the student’s own and others’ negotiating behavior. When offered for two credits, this course differs only in that certain topics, e.g., alternative dispute resolution and/or counseling, may be addressed more briefly, and fewer extended simulations may be used to address other topics. Students may not enroll in both the two and three credit versions of this course, Counseling & Negotiation, Counseling & Negotiation: Enforcement & Policy or Gender & Negotiation: Special Topic.

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