Food Safety Regulation

Course Description

The course will consider government efforts to ensure the safety of food including meat, generally under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture, and the remaining plant-based food, generally under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration. It will focus on regulatory design and implementation as they exist and as they could be reformed. The course will offer students the opportunity to develop practice-oriented writing skills, in such formats as blogging, congressional testimony, legislative drafting, and recommendation memos for decision-makers. The course is designed for students who hope to work in the area of public policy and regulatory design, for the government or in the private sector. It qualifies toward credits required for the concentrations in health and environmental law. Although focused on food policy, the course will equip students to work within the federal administrative law and legislative systems to solve difficult policy problems at the intersection of protecting public health and the environment. A paper written for this course may be used to satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement.

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