Course Description

Contracts is the study of private law making, i.e., the consensual creation of legally enforceable rights and duties among private parties. The course examines basic concepts of economic relationships, the tension between freedom of contract and fairness in dealing, and the interplay between rules and “justice.” The course addresses such substantive issues as how to read a contract, contract formation, enforceability, conditions, defenses, and remedies. Contracts, therefore, provides a foundation for much of the curriculum: Business Associations, Commercial Law, Consumer Protection, and more. Evening students will take Contracts (4). Depending upon academic assignments made in the summer prior to the start of the student’s first year in law school, some day students will take Contracts (4); other day students will take Introduction to Contracts (2) and Contracts II (3).

Current and Previous Instructors

Key to Codes in Course Descriptions

P: Prerequisite
C: Prerequisite or Concurrent Requirement
R: Recommended Prior or Concurrent Course

Currently Scheduled Sections

CRN: 98941

  • Fall '24
  • 4
  • 460
  • Mon: 1:05-3:05
    Wed: 2:10-4:10


  • Kevin Tu

  • 60 openings. (Limit 60). LD1 only
  • 530a

  • Contracts: Cases, Discussion, and Problems, Fifth Edition

    ISBN: 9781543838763 Print edition (preferred) or online subscription

    The fifth edition of this book is required. The choice of format (print vs. digital) is up to you. However, you must be able to access the book during class.

CRN: 98631

  • Fall '24
  • 4
  • 302
  • Tues: 6:30-8:30
    Thurs: 6:30-8:30


  • William Moon

  • 30 openings. (Limit 30). Second Year Evening Required
  • 530e

  • Contracts: Cases and Materials (8th edition)

    ISBN: 978-1-60930-097-5 Print edition (preferred) or online subscription

    Please note that we will be using the 8th edition of the casebook (which is widely available at fraction of the price of the most recent edition of the casebook). Please purchase the physical copy of the casebook.

CRN: 98628

  • Fall '24
  • 4
  • 107
  • Mon: 9:50-11:50
    Thurs: 8:45-10:45


  • Liza Vertinsky

  • 60 openings. (Limit 60). LD1 only
  • 530a

  • Contract Law and Theory. 6th Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-5310-1521-3 Print edition (preferred) or online subscription

CRN: 98741

  • Fall '24
  • 4
  • 205
  • Tues: 1:05-3:05
    Thurs: 1:05-3:05


  • Russell McClain

  • 60 openings. (Limit 60). LD1 only
  • 530a

  • Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials, Tenth Edition

    ISBN: 9781543856309 Print edition (preferred) or online subscription

    9th edition is fine