Consumer Protection Clinic

Course Description

This clinic will introduce students to consumer law and litigation practice, with a focus on consumer protection in the government enforcement context. Students’ clinical work will be under the immediate supervision of lawyers in the Consumer Protection Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office and may include all aspects of enforcement and litigation practice, including assisting with investigations and interviews, researching and writing memos on current legal issues, drafting pleadings and other legal documents (e.g., charging documents, subpoenas, and motions), engaging in discovery practice, and attending significant events (e.g., hearings and depositions). Students may also work on issues related to pending legislation. (Note that all clinical work will be conducted with the Consumer Protection Division and will not involve the representation of individual clients.) Weekly course work will first introduce students to state and federal consumer protection statutes, and then focus on key aspects of litigation practice, including complaint drafting, discovery, litigation strategy, and other aspects of consumer protection actions brought by government agencies, individuals, and prospective classes. Students must be prepared for and participate in class and attend a weekly supervisory meeting with the professor.

Through clinical and class work students will gain valuable insights into the substance and practice of consumer law, both by government entities seeking to protect consumers and by private individuals seeking to enforce their rights.

NOTE: Under policies of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, students enrolled in this clinic are not permitted to engage in any outside work (whether paid or volunteer) that might be construed as possibly involving or related to any legal issues or questions. The Attorney General’s Office will determine whether any outside work might be prohibited by this policy. A student engaging in any work prohibited by this policy will be disqualified from working at the Attorney General’s Office and therefore will be required to withdraw from the clinic. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, be sure to contact the instructor before enrolling.

This clinic will be offered in spring semester 2025 as a one-semester clinic for five credits. While not required, students who enroll in this clinic are encouraged to take one or more of the following: Consumer Protection Seminar/Course, Administrative Law, Business Associations, Pretrial Civil Litigation, and Complex Civil Litigation.All students enrolled in spring clinic will be required to attend in-person clinic orientation on Friday, January 10, 2025, in addition to any clinic-specific orientation that the professor may schedule.

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