Race, Technology and the Law Seminar

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With each year society is becoming increasingly digitized and datafied. Important decisions impacting criminal justice, housing, labor, health care, and education are more frequently determined by or with the assistance of advancing technologies. In the emerging field of critical race and digital studies, scholars have highlighted the ways in which new technologies, often presented as neutral and passive, actively perpetuate old legacies of racial subordination and injustice. Law and policy play a key role in facilitating these disparate outcomes. This course will introduce students to the range of issues that arise at the intersection of race, technology, and the law. The class centers on investigating, analyzing, and understanding the racial bias and harm associated with the use of advancing technologies, including algorithms, artificial intelligence, surveillance technologies, social media platforms, predictive analytics, and digital databases. Students will leave this course having developed critical insight into challenges and reform strategies to address identified problems and gained valuable skills in racial justice advocacy.

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  • Fall '24
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  • Chaz Arnett

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