Gender and Family Law

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From child custody, marital property, and elder law to a wide variety of gender-related topics, you can learn about gender and family law from nationally recognized legal scholars who are well respected thought leaders. In our Gender, Incarceration, and Trauma Clinic, you will have the opportunity to provide real-world legal counsel to clients experiencing intimate partner violence. In our Erin Levitas Initiative, you can work with middle school students in Baltimore City to help them identify, question, and reject the destructive ideas that give rise to sexual violence. Our one-of-a-kind Women, Leadership, and Equality (WLE) Program will help you understand the historical and structural barriers that prevent women from ascending to positions of leadership, and develop the skills you need to identify and attain leadership roles.

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If you are interested in gender or family law, we offer extensive coursework and some of the most cutting-edge programs in these areas of the law.

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  • Child Custody and the Law
  • Children and Divorce
  • Collaborative Law
  • Elder Law
  • Families with Special Needs Children Seminar
  • Family Law
  • Gender and the Law Seminar
  • Gender in the Legal Profession Seminar
  • Gender Violence Seminar
  • Marital Property and Divorce Litigation
  • Restorative Justice and Sexual Assault Theory and Practice Seminar
  • Sexuality and the Law
  • Women, Leadership, and Equality Fellowship
  • House of Ruth
  • National Women’s Law Center
  • The Tahirih Justice Center
  • Women’s Law Center of Maryland
  • Legal Aid
  • Levitas Initiative for the Prevention of Sexual Assault
  • SAFE Center Human Trafficking Survivors
  • Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender, and Class
  • Women’s Bar Association
  • Students Supporting the Women’s Law Center
  • If/When/How
  • OutLaw

Journal of Race, Religion, Gender, and Class

The Journal of Race, Religion, Gender, and Class provides a forum for academics, judges, and practitioners to engage in a scholarly discussion of legal issues pertaining to race, religion, gender, and class. The journal is dedicated to fostering intellectual discourse on issues at the intersection of public policy and the law, as well as analyzing the effects of law, policy, and judicial decision on different religious, racial, ethnic, economic, and social groups.

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Clinics at Maryland Carey Law

Our renowned Clinical Law Program offers a wide variety of clinics that involve gender and family legal matters.

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Sarah Shepson ’19

“By far, the most transformative experience I had outside of the classroom was the coaching I received in the WLE program.”


Examples of where our graduates have been employed:

Partner, Weinberg & Schwartz LLC

Partner, Turnbull Nicholson & Sanders PA

Attorney, ARN Family Law

Child Advocacy Attorney, Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.

Associate, Family Legal Advocacy Group LLC

Staff Attorney, ACLU Women’s Rights Project

Family Advocate, The Center for Family Safety and Healing

Family Law Attorney, Gentile Horoho & Avalli PC

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