Clinic Perspectives: Russell McClain '95

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What did you enjoy about your clinic experience?I enjoyed the opportunity to handle real-life cases with real-life clients.Was there a particularly memorable moment from your clinic experience that you'd like to share?I argued a case before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. My clinic professors prepared me really well. I was hammered with questions by the three-judge panel. At the end of the argument, the lead judge commended me on my preparation, heaping praise on me. It was awesome. I had invited my parents to watch from the gallery. As I turned to leave the courtroom, my parents were standing in the back crying. They hugged me as I was trying to leave. It was a total scene! They had to delay the start of the next argument until we could all compose ourselves and exit the courtroom.What was your greatest takeaway from your clinic experience?Maryland's commitment to public service and to the education of its students is a perfect marriage. We get to learn to apply our knowledge and skills in practical settings, often in cases where representation is desperately needed.How has your clinic experience benefitted you in your career and approach to lawyering?As an alum, I can say that the clinic showed this kid in his mid-20s that he had the capacity to be a real lawyer.  I didn’t have to wonder if I belonged in the profession.  As a faculty member and associate dean, I continue to love that Maryland Carey Law features its core commitment to serving the community around us.