The JustAdvice Project®

Through a collaboration between law students and volunteer attorneys, the JustAdvice® Project offers free legal services to Maryland residents through walk-in consultation sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the academic year.  Visit the JustAdvice® page to learn more.

Law & Social Work Services Program

The first of its kind in the nation, the Law and Social Work Services Program has garnered national recognition as a pioneering, high-quality program that serves the Maryland community. Since its inception, the Program has trained more than 200 graduate social work students and provided pro-bono services to more than 500 individuals and families in need.

The main goals of the program are (1) to provide quality social work services to indigent clients receiving pro-bono legal services through the Clinical Law Program Office; (2) to provide experiential education to graduate social work interns interested in forensic social work; and (3) to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between future social workers and attorneys.

Essentially a "clinic within a clinic", the Law and Social Work Services Program maintains offices and see clients within the University of Maryland School of Law Clinical Law Offices. The Program is managed by an experienced clinical social worker and operates on an integrated service model that provides holistic services to clients of the Law School Clinical Law Program who are referred by faculty members and student attorneys. Services provided by social workers include but are not limited to: crisis intervention, case management, linkage to treatment resources, housing, employment and entitlements, individual and family counseling, mitigation and jail diversion.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, A total of 39 individual clients were served.  They were referred by a number of the legal clinics, including Immigration, Healthcare Delivery, Appellate and Post-Conviction Advocacy, Criminal Justice Reform, Youth, Education & Justice, Low-Income Tax-Payer, and Gender Violence.  Sixty nine percent served were male, 77% were black and 10% were Hispanic/Latinx.  Approximately a quarter were foreign nationals, from countries including Mexico, El Salvador, Ghana, Jamaica, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zambia.  One-third of clients served were homeless or at risk of homelessness due to unstable and/or unsuitable housing situations.  Mental health problems affected 18% of clients and nearly a quarter were also struggling with PTSD or symptoms of traumatic stress.  More than half were living with HIV/AIDS or contending with other significant medical problems, either their own or those of a close family member.  Approximately 10% had significant cognitive or learning disabilities.  Several were incarcerated, and many had a history of arrest or incarceration.   An additional 75 individuals were provided with brief counseling or referrals through the JustAdvice® project.