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Crafting Victories:
Campaign Materials from the Larry Gibson Collection

Audio/Video Materials

Kurt Schmoke for State's Attorney Sound Car.

From the first campaign of Joseph Howard for Judge on the Supreme Bench in 1968 until his recent efforts in Liberia, sound and images were essential to the campaigns run by Larry S. Gibson. In fact, Gibson was one of the first campaign managers to use video tapes, when VHS was new, in a manner similar to flyers - distributed door-to-door. This approach played an important part in the election of Kurt Schmoke for Mayor of Baltimore City and continued to be a key ingredient in Gibson's recipe for electoral success. The Larry Gibson Collection contains a wealth of local audio and video, commercial documentaries on African American political history, and oral histories focused on local political figures recorded by Professor Gibson.

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Slide Shows

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Radio advertisements

"Don't Vote for Three, 1968 [Joseph Howard]"

"Come out Schmoking" - Parren Mitchell endorsing Kurt Schmoke, 1982

Sachs/Mitchell - "Campaign Commercial, 1986"

"Schmoke for Mayor/Vote against question K, 1987"

"Make Him Mayor, 1987 [Kurt Schmoke]"

"Clinton/Gore - Campaign '92, 1992"

"Vote, 1994 - Parris Glendding" [Kurt Schmoke]

"Stay on Board with Schmoke, 1995" - [sound truck mix]

"A Closer Look..." [Kurt Schmoke for Mayor], 1995"

"Louis L. Goldstein endorsing Kurt Schmoke for Mayor, 1995"

Register and Vote (audio). Track 1. 2004

Register and Vote (audio). Track 2. 2004

Campaign videos

Stay on Board With Schmoke - Video (20 min.)

Wayne Curry is Prince George's County - Video (10 min.)

C. Anthony Muse, A Senator for all Ages - Video (10 min.)


Parren J. Mitchell - A History, 2007 (Courtesy of the National Black Chamber of Commerce)

Oral History

Victorine Q. Adams s (excerpt - in this portion Professor Gibson and Delegate Adams discuss a photograph in an attempt to identify African American community leaders)

Stay on Board With Schmoke - Video (20 min)

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Wayne Curry is Prince George's County - Video (10 min.)

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C. Anthony Muse, A Senator for all Ages - Video (10 min.)

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Collection Information

Background: In 2004 the Thurgood Marshall Law Library began working with Professor Larry Gibson to acquire his personal collection of campaign and legal materials. Although processing is still underway for much of the collection a sampling of materials have been made available here for scholars interested in the changing role and influence of local African American political leadership. Project staff included Kevin Docherty (2008/09) and Bill Sleeman, Assistant Director for Technical Services. Jenny Rensler and Teresa Pucciarella provided web support. Will Siegel and Arthur Cook provided media and AV Support.

Collection Arrangement: Original materials are arranged by binder and year using a system employed by the donor.

Access: Because much of the collection remains closed, access to the full collection is by appointment only. Contact the Library at 410-706-6502.

Attorney/Client privilege: Materials included on this web site are not protected by the Attorney/Client privilege.

Copies: Photocopying of non-fragile material is available. Tax documents, voting records, voter lists, polling data and legal case files and individual financial statements may not be photocopied.

Reproduction: Permission to reproduce or quote from the collection generally in published research in any format may be requested in writing from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland School of Law, Special Collections, 501 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

Cite as: Crafting Victories: Campaign Materials from the Larry Gibson Collection. African Americans in the Law Special Collections. Thurgood Marshall Law Library, the University of Maryland School of Law.

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