Services for Faculty: Scholarship and Instruction

The Library has services and programs to assist faculty with both scholarship and instruction.


Library Contacts


Library Contacts



The library provides support for faculty during all phases of writing and publication of a work of scholarship.

Library Contacts*

Service Who to Contact
Current awareness service email notification Faculty Liaison or Nathan Robertson
Research projects Faculty Liaison or Susan McCarty (for research fellows)
Polishing, citation formatting Sue McCarty
Submission of articles (general) Faculty Liaison
Submit paper to LSN Research Papers Series Sue McCarty
Submit paper to ExpressO or SSRN eSubmission Sue McCarty
Interlibrary loan and patron placed holds Teresa White or Faculty Liaison

*If you prefer, simply contact your faculty liaison for any library-related issue and they will work with the appropriate person or department to satisfy your request. For a complete list of staff, see the library directory.

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Getting Started: Ideas and Research

To facilitate the generation of ideas, the library provides access to Lexis and Westlaw, in addition to many other electronic databases. Go to the expanded section on Ideas and Research for more information about these databases.

Accessible Work Station

The Thurgood Marshall Law Library offers an accessible work station for students and faculty who require machine-assisted support.

Features include:

  • An expanded 20-inch wide, touch screen monitor to support stylus users or individuals with limited mobility.
  • An enhanced mouse and oversized keyboard for users with limited mobility.
  • An easily adjustable keyboard support for users with limited mobility.
  • A Braille keyboard for the visually challenged researcher.
  • An attached flat bed scanner to convert documents to readable text for the visually challenged researcher.
  • The latest version of voice activated software and screen reader software for the visually challenged researcher.

Current Awareness Services

E-mail notification for the tables of contents of specific journals, or about articles in specific legal and non-legal subjects can be arranged. Your faculty liaison will help you customize your requirements and select the service, or services, including: SmartCILP; Ingenta; HeinOnline eTOC; BNA email updates; Legal Scholarship Network; and Berkeley Electronic Press. We can also arrange for email notification for individual journals or monitor specific titles or subjects on your behalf.

Email Alerts
The library offers email alerts of many current awareness services only to faculty and staff. Visit the list of current awareness services to view the publications available for this service. To register for email alerts, please contact Nathan Robertson at

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Faculty Liaisons

To view information about a faculty liaison or to see a list of exams currently on file for a specific faculty member, select a faculty name from the drop down menu below.

Exams on file are restricted to UM Law faculty, staff and students.

Under the library's liaison program, each faculty member and each course is assigned a research librarian who can help with requests for research or materials in support of teaching and scholarship. This help ranges from database searching and tracking down esoteric materials to handling in-depth research projects and working with faculty research assistants. Research librarians also offer customized sessions on use of the Internet and other electronic sources.

The liaison serves as the faculty's first point of contact with the library. Students who need research assistance may be directed to contact the liaison. To schedule an appointment, please contact your liaison.

Suggesting Items for Purchase

The library purchases materials to support faculty research. To suggest materials for purchase contact your faculty liaison.


Faculty liaisons assist with locating and acquiring materials for faculty members.

Thurgood Marshall Law Library

Faculty may borrow many items, subject to recall, from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library. Visit the expanded section on Borrowing from TMLL for more information.

Other Libraries

The library staff will place "hold" requests and interlibrary loan requests for faculty members, if desired. Contact your faculty liaison or Teresa White to request materials. Go to the expanded section on Borrowing from Other Libraries for further details.

Photocopy Services

The library has two self-service photocopiers located on level 2 of the library. The library also offers a photocopy service to support research and instruction. Visit the expanded section on Photocopy Services for more information.

Research Assistants

With the permission of the faculty member, research assistants may borrow books in the name of the faculty member and will be assigned a code which they can use to make copies of library materials for work-related purposes. Forms are available at the User Services Desk for authorization of any of these privileges. Research assistants are welcome to contact the faculty liaisons for help with library-related questions.

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Getting It Written: Drafting and Polishing

Ryan H. Easley Research Fellows

The Ryan H. Easley Research Fellows provide scholarly support to faculty members. The fellow responds to requests from individual faculty members for assistance with law review articles and other works of scholarship, including broad and substantive research, detailed citation checking, and editing for style and format. Research fellows are available to assist with editing, footnote creation, citation checking and formatting, and proofreading. While we try to meet everyone’s deadlines, it is best to give us as much advance notice as possible if you need work done in a specific time frame. Contact Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty to request the assistance of a research fellow.

Submission to LSN's University of Maryland School of Law Research Paper Series

Issues of the Research Paper Series are distributed by email to all members of LSN. If you would like to receive email distributions from the Legal Scholarship Network or Economics Research Network, you may sign up by contacting your faculty liaison. For more information about submitting to this service, go to the expanded section on Submission to LSN's University of Maryland School of Law Research Paper Series

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Getting it Published

The Law Library provides faculty support to help facilitate the publication of manuscripts.  This includes: advising faculty members on obtaining copyright permissions for scholarship, reviewing author agreements, identifying publication options, assistance with targeting journals, selecting an appropriate electronic submission service and uploading papers. For assistance please contact your faculty liaison or Sue McCarty. For additional information, visit the expanded section on Submission to Law Reviews.

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Faculty Publications Database

The Library maintains the publications portion of the faculty database for the law school's website. This database includes scholarly publications by faculty, and items display on both the faculty member's web page, and, if recent, on the Recent Faculty Scholarship page. Items are included from each month's Publications list distributed by the Dean's Office, but if you do not see your publication on the web, please send the information to Susan McCarty for inclusion.

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The library provides support for faculty during all stages of preparation for a course.

Library Contacts*


Who to Contact

Locating materials for Blackboard

Faculty Liaison

Course research pages (upon special request)

Faculty Liaison

Copyright clearance

Exam Files

*If you prefer, simply contact your Faculty Liaison for any library-related issue and they will work with the appropriate person or department to satisfy your request.

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Gathering Course Materials

Your faculty liaison is available to help you locate appropriate readings for specific topics. Once materials are selected your liaison can obtain any materials not in the library or answer questions about linking to articles or documents on your course Blackboard page.

The Law Library handles copyright permissions and photocopying of course materials. This includes print course packs, materials that are distributed during the semester, and materials to be loaded on Blackboard pages. Course materials to be photocopied, regardless of the number of pages, must be submitted directly to the Law Library for copyright clearance prior to photocopying. Once the course materials are submitted to the library, a determination will be made as to whether copyright permission is required. In order to manage this process in a timely fashion, documents are to be submitted in sufficient time to have the materials checked, photocopied and available to students well before they will be needed. Submit course documents to

Once permission is granted for the materials, the library can also help facilitate the delivery of materials to Jean Robinson in the Copy Center for duplication. All printed course packs will be distributed directly to students by faculty or (depending on the size of the packet) placed on the Forms Shelf (outside Suite 280) for students to pick up. Details about course pack distribution (where/when) should be posted on your Blackboard course page by either you or your administrative assistant. Students are not charged for the course packs.

While linking to materials on Blackboard (see the section on Posting Course Materials on Blackboard) is the preferred method for distributing materials, the library will place course readings on reserve in the Reading Room. To place an item on reserve, please contact Stephanie Bowe. Extra copies of textbooks assigned for the semester are also located the Law Library Reading Room. These are a courtesy of the Library, but are not intended to serve as a replacement for students purchasing their own copy of the required text.

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Posting Course Materials on Blackboard

The faculty liaisons will provide assistance to faculty members interested in adding research-related content to their course web pages using Blackboard. For answers to frequently asked questions about Blackboard, see the guide to Using Blackboard.

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Research Support for Courses

Course Liaisons

Librarians serve as course liaisons to students in courses taught by their assigned faculty members. The purpose of this program is to give students a contact for all library-related questions that arise in the context of the course. Information about the librarian liaison and an e-mail address are automatically included on each Blackboard course page.

Course Research Pages

Upon request, librarians can create customized research pages for seminar courses that meet the advanced writing requirement as well as for all clinic and courses relating to trial practice and advocacy. Each research page has been designed to serve as a starting point for research in a particular area of law. Pages track coverage of the particular courses and contain links to primary and secondary sources that will help students begin their research in the subject. A list of current course research pages is available online.

Classroom Presentations

Librarians are available to speak to the classes about research strategies for the various topics. Librarians make classroom presentations at the request of faculty. Presentations may focus on the course research pages, resources for selecting paper topics and other subjects as requested.

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Exam Files

The library maintains a file of previous course exams to which faculty members may choose to contribute. To view a list of exams you have on file, select your name from the drop-down menu above or go to Exams on File. To add an exam to your exam file, please send an electronic copy of the exam to

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