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General laws

  1. Charter. The basic powers and structure of government for Baltimore City are set forth in theBaltimore City Charter (1996) This is a 1964 revision with amendments to June 30, 2000 [KFX1101.A61]. Published by the Baltimore (City) Department of Legislative Reference.
  2. Code. TheBaltimore City Code, 2000is published by the Baltimore (City) Department of Legislative Reference. Article 32 of this Code incorporatesThe BOCA National Building Code, which is a code of "model building regulations for the protection of public health, safety and welfare" that is published every three years by the Building Officials & Code Administrators International, Inc.
  3. Public General Laws. Laws that are passed by the Maryland General Assembly for the entire state and that impact on Baltimore City are located in theAnnotated Code of Maryland [KFM1230 1957.A2 / KFM1230.5.M5]. Indexed in main Code index volumes.
  4. Public Local Laws. TheCode of Public Local Laws of Baltimore City (art. 4 of theCodeof Public Local Laws of Maryland.) (1980 and 1997 cumulative supplement) [KFX1101.A621] contains the laws passed by the Maryland General Assembly that apply only to Baltimore City. Edited and published by the Department of Legislative Reference.
  5. Ordinances. These laws, which are passed by the City Council, can be found in two places: a) TheOrdinances and Resolutions of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore [KFX1101.A5] lists ordinances by Ordinance number i.e., the number assigned to a City Council bill when signed by the Mayor. The Ordinances are arranged chronologically as passed. b) In theBaltimore City Code (2000) [KFX1101.A6], the ordinances have been arranged by numbered articles i.e., subjects.
  6. The International Building Code. [K3538.I583] This model building code is published by the International Code Council. Baltimore City adopted the 2006 Code. Use the Code in conjunction with state modifications.
  7. Rules of the Baltimore City Council. All rules of the Council can be found in the publication,Rules of the City Council, 1989.
  8. Law Making Process. A description of the law making process in the city of Baltimore is in theCity of Baltimore Municipal Handbook (1990). [KFX 1104.M8 1990].

Zoning laws

  1. Baltimore City Code. Volume 1 of the Code incorporates the zoning articles and contains the language of Ordinance 1051 as passed in 1971 along with amendments. [KFX1101.A6 1983]. Ordinance 1051 has been reprinted in a separate publication entitled:Zoning Code of Baltimore City. [KFX1112.B3.Z6 2000].
  2. TheCity of Baltimore Municipal Handbook contains a good explanation of the duties of the city agencies that deal with zoning issues, i.e. the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals and the Baltimore City Department of Planning. [KFX 1104.M8 1990].

Housing code

  1. Baltimore City Code. The Housing Code is located at the end of Article 13 on Housing and Urban Renewal. [KFX1101.A6].

Landlord and tenant law

  1. Guide to local, state and federal laws governing tenant-landlord relations: including laws prohibiting discrimination in housing,Baltimore City edition. This book covers common landlord-tenant problems and is a good place to start. It includes housing code violations, escrow accounts, eviction and where to go for help. [KFX1112.1.B3 L35 2007].
  2. Practice Manual for the Maryland Lawyer. (3d ed. with 2008 supplement) Chapter 10 of this MICPEL publication includes forms and contains a short concise approach to the law of landlord-tenant. [MD REF KFM1281.M3 1993].


The courts of Baltimore City are part of the Maryland court system. The District Court (First District) is the lowest level court. Housing, traffic matters and some civil and criminal matters are handled at this level. The Circuit Court (Eighth) handles major civil and criminal cases and cases in which parties are entitled to jury trials. The Court of Special Appeals is the intermediate appellate court and the Court of Appeals is the highest court in the Maryland System. The Orphan's Court of Baltimore City deals with wills and estates and has jurisdiction over the appointment of guardians for minors. Useful sources for court information include:

  1. The City of Baltimore Municipal Handbook, 1990. This work contains a listing of all Baltimore City Courts including addresses and telephone numbers. [KFX1104.M8].
  2. Maryland Lawyers Manual. The Baltimore City section is a source for names, addresses and telephone numbers of court personnel. Updated annually. [MD REF KF192.M36M3].
  3. Maryland Manual. Contains organizational charts, names, addresses, telephone numbers, and descriptions of the courts. Available online at:

Court forms

Each of the courts for Baltimore City has its own practice forms. Sources include:

  1. Robert D. Klein,Maryland Civil Procedure Forms with Practice Commentary (3d ed. 2000). The majority of Circuit and appellate level forms can be found in this two volume looseleaf. [MD REF KFM1730.A65D542 2000].
  2. G. Liebmann,Maryland Practice: Civil Procedure Forms Volumes 3 & 4 ofMaryland Practice contain all of the basic Circuit Court forms. Republished annually. [MD REF KFM1715.A73M32].
  3. Civil Practice & Procedure in the District Court of Maryland. An extensive collection of forms is included. [KFM1714.C58 2010].

City agencies

  1. The City of Baltimore Municipal Handbook 1990 contains information on all city agencies. An organization chart for Baltimore City government can be found in this source. Arranged alphabetically by agency name, section IV includes a short description, names, addresses, telephone numbers, publications (if any) and enabling legislation. [KFX1104.M8].
  2. Maryland Lawyers Manual. The Baltimore City section lists selected agencies that are primarily court related. [MD REF KF192.M36M3].
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