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TMLL Research Guide - Chapter 9


Michie’s Annotated Code of Maryland (LexisNexis)

West’s Annotated Code of Maryland (West)

The Maryland Code is the topical compilation of the public general laws of Maryland currently in effect.  For many years the version now published by LexisNexis was the only one.  In 2002 West published a competing version.  Both are organized in the same fashion and both include copious annotations to cases construing and interpreting the code as well as references to Maryland Attorney General opinions and selected law journal articles.  Both are updated yearly by pocket parts or supplements.  In addition, the West version includes some cross references to the Code of Maryland Regulations, other West publications, and the West topic and key number system.

Since the early 1970s the edition originally published in 1957, which is organized by numbered articles, has been gradually replaced by an edition organized by named subjects.  The two editions coexist and both the LexisNexis and the West versions have one subject index for the two formats with the form of reference, numbered or named article, indicating in which that topic is located. 

The Maryland Code is available via Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw. There are also free unannotated versions available from several sources, including those listed at the Maryland State Law Library’s Gateway to Maryland Law.

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