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TMLL Research Guide - Chapter 8


  • A state-specific law encyclopedia (e.g., the Maryland Law Encyclopedia) can be a good starting point for a research problem set in a specific state.
  • General coverage law encyclopedias (American Jurisprudence 2d or Corpus Juris Secundum) can provide general background and citations to primary authorities from various states.
  • The state series of A.L.R. may contain an annotation on your topic. A print index covering the third through sixth series is available, or A.L.R. can be searched on Westlaw.
  • Many treatises or the Restatements of Law can provide analysis and citations to state case law.
  • Law reviews can sometimes be found dealing with the law of specific states. Westlaw and Lexis provide databases that cover legal periodicals published by law schools in individual states; search these with some caution because they frequently include only a few publications. Also helpful are multi-state survey articles in law reviews which help identify trends and put the law of your state in perspective.
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