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TMLL Research Guide - Chapter 8


Each state has a unique court structure and the names of the various courts differ from state to state. When doing research in a particular jurisdiction, it is essential to know which court decided each case in order to evaluate its precedential weight. A quick way to determine the appellate structure and the names and abbreviations of the various courts is to consult Tables T1 and T7 of the Bluebook.  Table T1 lists each United States jurisdiction, both federal and state, and provides the names of the courts, the reporters in which their decisions can be found, and how they should be cited. This table also lists statutory and administrative compilations.

Sample Bluebook information from Table T1 - Maryland

Maryland Court of Appeals (Md.) - highest appellate court

Reporter Dates Reporter Abbreviation Status
Maryland Reports 1851-present Md. Official
Atlantic Reporter 1885-present A., A.2d Unofficial

Maryland Court of Special Appeals (Md. Ct. Spec. App.) - intermediate appellate court

Reporter Dates Reporter Abbreviation Status
Maryland Appellate Reports 1967-present Md. App. Official
Atlantic Reporter 1967-present A.2d Unofficial
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