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TMLL Research Guide - Chapter 11


General Terms Definitions
International Law Rules and principles applied to the relations between states
Foreign Law Internal law of countries outside the United States
Public International Law Laws dealing with the relations between states
Private International Law Rules that govern the choice of law (conflict of laws) in private matters such as family law, business disputes, etc.
Customary International Law Rules arising from general and consistent practices of states that are accepted as legally binding
Terms Relating to Formal Agreements Definitions
Convention Includes treaties and other international agreements of all kinds; the word is used interchangeably with "agreement"
Treaty A formal written agreement between states
Bilateral Treaty Treaty between two states
Multilateral Treaty Treaty between three or more states; typically a minimum number of countries must join a multilateral treaty before it becomes binding on the countries that agree to it
Executive Agreement An agreement entered into by the President that does not require consent of the Senate
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