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TMLL Research Guide - Chapter 10


Court Rules – Text

  1. Text of the Rules of Criminal Procedure are found in the Appendix to Title 18 to the U.S. Code.  The Rules of Civil Procedure, Appellate Procedure, Evidence, and specialized federal courts are in the Appendix to Title 28 of the U.S. Code.

Court Rules - Text and Annotations

  1. Both U.S.C.S. and U.S.C.A. have volumes that contain the Rules of Federal Procedure, Civil and Criminal, and the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Each set gives the text of the rules followed by annotations of decisions as well as comments from the Advisory Committee on the federal rules.

Judicial Interpretations of Court Rules

  1. Federal Rules Decisions (F.R.D.)
    Contains cases from the federal district courts that construe the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Criminal Procedure.  Also includes articles, reports of judicial conferences and committee reports.  This is a standard West reporter and is indexed in the digest system. The Library provides access to this via Westlaw.
  2. Federal Rules Service (KF120.F29)
    Reporter of cases applying the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.  Updated by advance sheets.  Finding Aids volume in looseleaf format.  Indexed by the Federal Rules Digest (KF120.F292)
  3. Federal Rules of Evidence Service (KF8935.F4)
    Reporter of cases applying the Federal Rules of Evidence.  "Finding Aids" volume includes text of Federal Rules of Evidence.  Updated by advance sheets.  Includes digest volumes arranged by rule number and updated by pocket parts.


  1. Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure Analysis with extensive annotations on jurisdiction, service, venue, pleadings, trial practice and appeals for civil and criminal actions.  Arranged by subject.  Includes a multi volume forms section and one volume subject index with tables.  Updated by pocket parts and paperback supplements. The Library provides access to this via Westlaw.
  2. West's Federal Practice Manual (KF8840.V6)
    Discussion of practice before federal administrative agencies and courts.  Includes forms, tables, and an index volume.  Updated by pocket parts and paperback supplements.
  3. Charles Alan Wright et al., Federal Practice and Procedure (KF8816.W7) Arranged by Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure and Evidence.  Additional volumes on jurisdiction and related matters.  General index in separate paperback volumes republished every year.  Main volumes updated by pocket parts and paperback supplements.
  4. Moore's Federal Practice 3d (KF8820.A313M63) & Moore's Manual (KF8816.M63)
    Discussion of federal practice arranged by rule numbers.  Special volumes for Supreme Court practice. Includes several volumes of forms, index volume, and tables volume.  Looseleaf format.
  5. Weinstein's Federal Evidence 2d (KF8935.W4)
    Commentary on the Federal Rules of Evidence with annotations to cases.  Subject index with table of cases.  Looseleaf format.


  1. West's Federal Forms (KF8836.W32)
    Separate volumes for Supreme Court, courts of appeals, district courts, and bankruptcy courts.  Each group of volumes organized by rule number.  One volume paperback index and table of statutes and court rules republished every year.  Updated by pocket parts and paperback supplements.

Local Court Rules and Forms

  1. Federal Local Court Rules 3d
    Local rules for federal district courts and courts of appeals.  Internal operating procedures of courts of appeals.  Available online.
  2. Federal rules for the courts of appeals may also be found in the U.S.C.A. in the Rules volumes following Title 28 and in the U.S.C.S. in the Court Rules volumes at the end of the set.  The U.S.C.A. volumes also include the internal operating procedures of the courts of appeals.  Each court also issues its rules in pamphlet form.
  3. Federal Local Court Forms 3d (KF8836.F422)
    Forms and completion instructions for every federal district court, arranged alphabetically by court. Also includes general forms and forms for the courts of appeals.  Subject index in last volume.  Multi-volume looseleaf.
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