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Level 1

  • Non-legal materials (AC-JV, L-ZA)
  • Particularly strong collections in the areas of the social sciences, history, economics, and presidential papers
  • Periodicals and periodical indexes
  • Law reviews, bar journals, and other law-related periodicals (both bound and unbound issues) as well as a number of print periodical indexes
  • Government documents
  • A collection of law-related government documents, including older Congressional hearings
  • Microforms
  • Materials in microformat, including 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm and microfiche

Map of Level 1 of the Library

Level 2

  • Library entrance and User Services Desk
  • Reference materials
  • A core collection of directories, indexes, legal encyclopedias, and annotated reporters
  • American legal treatises and topical reporters (KF)
  • An extensive collection of treatises, multi-volume works, and topical reporters relating to all aspects of general American law
  • Maryland legal materials (KFM)
  • A comprehensive collection of Maryland legal materials, both primary and secondary
  • Reading Room collection
  • Hornbooks and nutshells (single volume works designed to be used with courses taught in law school), current newspapers, both general and legal, and popular magazines

Map of Level 2 of the Library

Level 3

  • Federal materials
  • Comprehensive collection of primary sources, for statutes, administrative law, and case law, along with finding aids and updating sources
  • Regional materials
  • The seven regional reporters, the four regional digests, and the "mini-regionals" the New York Supplement and the California Reporter
  • State materials
  • All states other than Maryland, including codes for all states, most official state reporters through the mid-1990s, and digests for all states not represented by a current regional digest
  • Media collection
  • Commercially and in-house produced audio and video materials chosen to support the curriculum of the law school

Map of Level 3 of the Library

Level 4

  • International legal materials (JX-JZ, KZ-KZD)
  • United Nations materials, compilations of treaties, and materials related to the foreign policy of the United States
  • Comparative legal materials (K)
  • Foreign legal materials (KBB-KEZ, KG-KWX)
  • Collections of British and Canadian materials to support research appropriate to our common law heritage, collections of French and German legal materials,
  • both primary sources and secondary sources, most in the original language, to support faculty research, and materials relating to the European Community

Map of Level 4 of the Library

Map of Level 4 of the Library

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