Ms. Barbara Grochal

Barbara Sugarman Grochal, M.A.T., M.B.A. and C.P.C.C. (Certified Professional Co-active Coach), brings a diverse background in education, business and co-active coaching to her work in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution Education. As Director of the Schools Conflict Resolution Education Programs at the Center for Dispute Resolution (C-DRUM) at the University of Maryland King Carey School of Law, Ms. Grochal directs a statewide grants program for public schools in Maryland, assisting a wide range of schools in the development of conflict resolution programs for students, staff and parents. The focus of this work includes mediation, restorative practices, bullying prevention and conflict management strategies and approaches. In her support with the school programs, she develops and conducts trainings for teachers and staff, students and parents, and builds networks to support conflict resolution education resources for schools on a state and national level. She also manages a listserv designed to provide conflict resolution education resources to educators throughout Maryland as well as nationally.

In 2006, she was instrumental in the establishment of a truancy mediation program for Baltimore City Schools, BSMART (Baltimore Schools: Mediations About Reducing Truancy). She continues to support this program, conducting truancy mediations in several participating schools, and collaborating in decisions regarding the potential expansion of the program. In addition, Ms. Grochal conducts parenting workshops in Baltimore City schools, aimed at helping parents build stronger connections with their children.

She has served on numerous Maryland committees to promote safer schools, including the MSDE Safe Schools Action Committee, the Model Anti-Bullying Workgroup that developed the Maryland Model Policy, the MSDE 2010 Planning Committee on Bullying Prevention, and the Maryland Peer Helper’s Conference (2009-2011). Ms. Grochal is also a trainer with Mariposa Child Success Programs, a non-profit organization that provides training for parents, teachers and childcare workers in social-emotional competence which supports bullying prevention.

Ms. Grochal has varied experience facilitating conferences and dialogues. She facilitates community conferences in Baltimore County, a service currently made available through the Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County. Community conferencing is a restorative practices tool used for resolving conflicts that occur in communities and sometimes in schools, providing an opportunity outside of the judicial system for the parties, their supporters, and key community members to reach agreements regarding offenders “repairing the harm” done. She has also facilitated a range of discussions in schools and communities designed to resolve conflicts among collaborating partners. As a volunteer, Ms. Grochal brings facilitation to several Baltimore women’s homeless facilities, My Sister’s Place and The Lodge, in the form of motivational circles.

A trained and certified professional and life coach, Ms. Grochal also works with a variety of coaching clients privately. Her client base includes business, education and non-profit leaders, 20’s graduates seeking career opportunities, and mid-life adults working to re-invent themselves in an effort to find greater fulfillment. Ms. Grochal graduated from Cornell University with a B.A. in English and History, and an M.A.T. in Teaching English. She completed an M.B.A. in Management and Finance at Loyola College in Maryland.

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