Publication Support

The Law Library provides a one-stop shop for faculty to support the publication of manuscripts.  This includes advising faculty members on obtaining copyright permissions for scholarship, reviewing author agreements, identifying publication options, assistance with targeting journals, selecting an appropriate electronic submission service and uploading papers. For any of these services, please contact Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty.

Getting It Written: Drafting and Polishing

The Ryan H. Easley Research Fellows provide scholarly support to faculty members. The fellow responds to requests from individual faculty members for assistance with law review articles and other works of scholarship, including broad and substantive research, detailed citation checking, and editing for style and format. Research fellows are available to assist with editing, footnote creation, citation checking and formatting, and proofreading. While we try to meet everyone’s deadlines, it is best to give us as much advance notice as possible if you need work done in a specific time frame. Contact Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty to request the assistance of a research fellow.

Manuscript Review and Submission

The Law Library will review author agreements, identify publication options, assist with targeting journals, provide advice on an appropriate electronic submission service and upload papers for electronic submission. For assistance, please contact Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty.

Electronic submission services are available that make submitting papers for publication easier. Using these services eliminates photocopying, assembling, printing and mailing and provides rapid acknowledgment and periodic status updates. To facilitate delivery of manuscripts to law reviews, faculty members may submit scholarly works to law reviews submission services Scholastica and SSRN's eSubmission.

Your intellectual output is a valuable resource. The University of Maryland School of Law encourages its faculty to use the AALS Model Author/Journal Agreement to judge agreements received from law journals. All five student-edited journals published at the University of Maryland School of Law have adopted the AALS Model Agreement.


Scholastica is an online submission management tool that enables you to submit an article to multiple law reviews at one time.  The Law School has a faculty-only institutional account with Scholastica

To use Scholastica, go to If you already have an institutional account with the law school, you may login with your credentials. If you do not have an institutional account,  click the 'I need to sign up' button to sign up. 

When prompted to identify your institution, please enter 'Uni. of Maryland Carey School of Law.' Additionally, you must use your email address to be recognized under the Law School institutional account.  

After you enter your account information, you should receive a confirmation email. Click the confirm button in the email and you will be taken to your account page within Scholastica. From here, you can start a submission.  Sue McCarty confirms accounts on behalf of law faculty for Scholastica. Please contact Sue McCarty for questions about signing up for your Scholastica institutional account or for more information.

Submission Guidelines for Faculty

Full-time faculty and visiting faculty are eligible to use law library's institutional account with Scholastica to submit articles.

There is no limit on the number of journals to which full-time faculty and visiting faculty can submit their articles. However, please contact Sue McCarty prior to submitting articles and please provide notice if you intend to submit an article to more than 125 journals. This helps the library manage expenses for this account and ensures that you will not have to pay for any submissions. We cannot reimburse you for expenses incurred in submissions.

Requests from adjunct faculty to use the library's institutional account with Scholastica are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Sue McCarty for more information.

Submission Guidelines for Staff

Requests from staff to use the library's institutional account with Scholastica are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Sue McCarty for more information.

Open Access and Scholarly Publishing

The Digital Commons@UM Carey Law showcases the research and scholarship of the School of Law. In addition to faculty scholarly articles and publications, it contains program newsletters, conference proceedings, outstanding student publications, alumni publications, and administrative reports. To submit a paper, please contact Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty.

Faculty members are also invited to submit research in progress as well as papers already accepted for publication via the Research Papers Series maintained by the law school, under the auspices of the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN), part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Issues of the University of Maryland Research Paper Series are distributed by email to all members of the LSN.  Although any faculty member may directly post a paper to LSN, for the paper to be included in the law school's Research Papers Series it should be posted by the library. If you are interested in contributing a working paper or an accepted paper to the next issue or would like to learn more about LSN, please contact Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty.

If you would like to receive email distributions from the Legal Scholarship Network or Economics Research Network, you may sign up by filling out a form online.

Faculty Publications Database

The Library maintains the publications portion of the faculty database for the law school's website. This database includes scholarly publications by faculty, and items display on both the faculty member's web page, and, if recent, on the Recent Faculty Scholarship page. Items are included from each month's Publications list distributed by the Dean's Office, but if you do not see your publication on the web, please send the information to Managing Research Fellow Sue McCarty for inclusion.