Instruction Support

Copyright Clearance on Course Materials

The Law Library handles copyright permissions and photocopying of course materials. This includes print course packs, materials that are distributed during the semester, and materials to be loaded on Blackboard pages. Course materials to be photocopied, regardless of the number of pages, must be submitted directly to the Law Library for copyright clearance prior to photocopying. Once the course materials are submitted to the library, a determination will be made as to whether copyright permission is required. In order to manage this process in a timely fashion, documents are to be submitted in sufficient time to have the materials checked, photocopied and available to students well before they will be needed. Submit course documents to

Once permission is granted for the materials, please contact Jean Robinson in the Copy Center for duplication. All printed course packs will be distributed directly to students by faculty or (depending on the size of the packet) placed on the Forms Shelf (outside Suite 280) for students to pick up. Details about course pack distribution (where/when) should be posted on your Blackboard course page by either you or your administrative assistant. 


Placing Materials on Reserve

While linking to materials on Blackboard the preferred method for distributing materials, the library will place course readings on reserve in the Reading Room. To place an item on reserve, please contact Extra copies of textbooks assigned for the semester are also located the Law Library Reading Room. These are a courtesy of the Library, but are not intended to serve as a replacement for students purchasing their own copy of the required text.


Research Support for Courses

Course Liaisons

Librarians serve as course liaisons to students in courses taught by their assigned faculty members. The purpose of this program is to give students a contact for all library-related questions that arise in the context of the course. Information about the librarian liaison and an e-mail address are automatically included on each Blackboard course page.

Topical Research Pages

Upon request, librarians can create a topical research guide to serve as a starting point for research in a particular area of law. Pages track coverage of the particular courses and contain links to primary and secondary sources that will help students begin their research in the subject. A list of current research guides is available online.

Classroom Presentations

Librarians are available to speak to the classes about research strategies for the various topics. Librarians make classroom presentations at the request of faculty. Presentations may focus on the topical research pages, resources for selecting paper topics and other subjects as requested.  Contact your course liaison for more information.


Blackboard Support

For answers to frequently asked questions about Blackboard, see the guide to Using Blackboard or contact


Exam Files

The library maintains a file of previous course exams to which faculty members may choose to contribute. To view a list of exams you have on file, go to Exams on File. To add an exam to your exam file, please send an electronic copy of the exam to