Library Maps

Level 1

  • Non-legal materials (AC-JV, L-ZA)--Particularly strong collections in the areas of the social sciences, history, economics, and presidential papers
  • Periodicals and periodical indexes--Law reviews, bar journals, and other law-related periodicals (both bound and unbound issues) as well as a number of print periodical indexes
  • Government documents--A collection of law-related government documents, including older Congressional hearings
  • Microforms--Materials in microformat, including 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm and microfiche

Map of Library First Floor

Level 2


  • Library entrance and User Services Desk
  • Reference materials--A core collection of directories, indexes, legal encyclopedias, and annotated reporters
  • American legal treatises and topical reporters (KF)--An extensive collection of treatises, multi-volume works, and topical reporters relating to all aspects of general American law
  • Maryland legal materials (KFM)--A comprehensive collection of Maryland legal materials, both primary and secondary
  • Reading Room collection--Hornbooks and nutshells (single volume works designed to be used with courses taught in law school), current newspapers, both general and legal, and popular magazines
  • Course Reserves collection--Required reading for currently taught courses
  • Media collection in the Reading Room--Commercially and in-house produced audio and video materials chosen to support the curriculum of the law school

Map of Library Second Floor

Level 3


  • Federal materials (KF)--Comprehensive collection of primary sources, for statutes, administrative law, and case law, along with finding aids and updating sources
  • Regional materials--The seven regional reporters, the four regional digests, and the "mini-regionals" the New York Supplement and the California Reporter
  • State materials (KFA-KFW)--All states other than Maryland, including codes for all states, most official state reporters through the mid-1990s, and digests for all states not represented by a current regional digest

Map of Library Third Floor

Level 4


  • International legal materials (JX-JZ, KZ-KZD)--United Nations materials, compilations of treaties, and materials related to the foreign policy of the United States
  • Comparative legal materials (K)
  • Foreign legal materials (KBB-KEZ, KG-KWX)--Collections of British and Canadian materials to support research appropriate to our common law heritage, collections of French and German legal materials, both primary sources and secondary sources, most in the original language, to support faculty research, and materials relating to the European Community

Map of Library Fourth Floor

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