Areas of Study

Immigration Law and Human Rights

Lawyers working in state and federal governments play a key role in shaping and enforcing immigration laws and policies such as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or the use of detention facilities at the border. Those working directly with clients seeking citizenship, or residence on a temporary or permanent basis, must help their clients navigate these laws and policies to find a legal path to live or work in this country. If immigration law is a path you wish to explore, we offer diverse course offerings to help you understand the many nuances of this area of the law.

Though you may work with immigrants in many of our clinics, in our Immigration Clinic you will have the opportunity to represent individuals fleeing persecution, those facing deportation because of criminal conviction, and those who have been the target of abusive enforcement practices. You will get real world advocacy experience and may represent your clients before the Department of Homeland Security, the Baltimore Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or in the federal courts.

Pursuing this area of study will not only expose you to immigration law in the context of practice, it will help you build professional skills and collaboration in a litigation setting and explore issues of professional responsibility in client representation. You will learn more about the role of the attorney in providing access to the justice system and look at wider issues of US immigration policy.

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